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Monday, 19 January 2015

How to create sliding forms by using WP contact Slider

WP contact slider
WordPress contact slider is a simple and user friendly contact display slider which is used to display contact form 7, random text, HTML or Gravity form. It can be used anywhere but mostly it is used to create multiple sliders and you can even position it anywhere you want. 

The color scheme of this contact slider is also customizable with easy to use admin panel. The main features of this WP contact slider are text display in plain format and HTML option as well. Short code support for Gravity forms is also available and the short codes for contact form 7 are present too. 

WP contact slider was launched by Wooexpert and they have been dealing with plugins for WP for a long time. Wooexpert is one of the affiliated WooThemes developers who develop themes and plugins for Word Press particularly. 

They also help in creating customizable projects for individual clients. A number of Word Press applications have been developed by them as well. Their team consists of Woocommerce experts along with wordpress developers and a team of designers. All of them sit together to create some of the most amazing themes that are customizable and are known as Woocommerce theme expert. 


Wooexpert is the team that is affiliated with Woo themes Woo Workers and have worked on lot of woocommerce projects, number of payment getaways, theme customization and Plugin development. Not only this but the themes created are responsive and work brilliantly with the websites you create. 

The team at WooExpert does take WordPress theme development and designing not as simply something wordpress installation that means doing a job but for them it means their driving passion which results in creation of brilliant designs, themes and plugins. They take trends and customer response seriously which means they end up designing needs of the consumers and not merely just some themes or plugins.

The client feedback after the initial release helps them see where they fell short and what needs to be improved. They develop their strategy in ways that results in direct satisfaction of the client. In short they know what they do and how to do. 
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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Wordpress 4.0 Overview and Features

Wordpress 4 Review
WordPress team really makes you realize how fast time goes by. The users were not finished enjoying WordPress 3 versions and here is the team introducing WordPress 4.0; an advanced toy for the fans to get mesmerized by.

However with the hard work of the production unit still going on this version is just a sample for the users to download and give the response WordPress qualifies to achieve each and every time. So with no further delay let’s get to the features 4.0 is providing. Starting off the first feature to discuss is the modification of the media library. Adding to the previous list view is the new ‘grid’ design.

On selecting an item a new modal shows up providing you with options for editing the file or further information of the file. Also without the hassle to open a new screen for each time you can just click through the items without closing the current modal.

Better Videos integration in WordPress 4.0

Adding to this is the preview of video links via YouTube, etc when entering it into the URL insertion tab. For a very convenient and light experience on plug-in installation some early changes will appear while searching and viewing plug-ins and their details. These changes will specifically include visual effects and some information about the item for an updated user experience. In addition to this a very minor but a significant change is the selection option for languages while installation process.

Also a feature new to the software is the separate panel loading of widgets in the customizer. Lastly and most importantly major improvements have been done in the developers’ zone. However in this segment.

Your Feedback is Required for better Wordpress

WordPress team asks your co-operation in making the software more stable and user friendly. Firstly the editor automatically resizes to pin down the top and bottom bars when needed. Still, if you find a problem with cursor pointers or you find a bug report to the team mentioning your browser and OS.

Considering the interaction of your mouse or keyboard with TinyMCE views improvements have been made in gallery previews and more. However just like before user info is required for Bug improvements in this section too.

 With this latest version and the interactive customer feedback portal WordPressress has surely worked for the utmost benefit of both the team and the users. We hope to see you benefitting from this version in the ways suitable to you, till then looking for more enthralling products from the WordPress organization.
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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Noo Menu Wordpress Mega Menu Plugin

Introducing an interactive, user friendly, clean n light Menu plugin for WordPress users and developers. It serves easy customization of the menu providing real-time preview updates. If you really want to save time then NOO Menu is made for you.

All great options under one hood: Menu Structure, Styling Options, Menu Functionality, everything is a single click away. So start playing visually with Noo Menu and design it real-time according to what you love to see.

Click here to view Noo Menu Live Demo

Why Chose NOO menu WordPress Plugin

With Noo Menu WordPress plugin You don’t need to worry about event going till the slightest of the details in menu, everything is well managed to provide you an in-depth customization including Menu height, border, box shadow, text shadow, corner radius, blur distance, background gradient and much more artistic manipulation.

350+ beautiful icons included so that you can take the liberty to choose and select you need to make your menu look more stylish.

Pre-made 9 awesome presets will give you the fastest approach to give the most perfect match with your wordpress theme. Or follow your own road and save unlimited custom made present styles you wish to keep save.

It provides the flexibility to add any kind of content you wish to display in submenu. Text, images, links, videos, widget and even forms can easily be dragged into submenu. Manage your content well with Mega Menu Toolbox, it is a flexible menu structure editor built in Noo Menu.

Noo Menu WordPress plugin comes with a Drag and Drop layout and complete admin panel where you can customize your menu in your own style. With the help of friendly admin panel and documentation you can create your WordPress site menu in a very short time. More over this plugin contains real time preview in backend and you can easily lookup your customizations.

Noo Menu is 100% responsive means it will give you a smooth experience on all mobile devices and any kind of screen size. It works great in all the following browsers: IE8, Firefox 2+. Safari 3+, Opera 10+ and Chrome 1+

Noo Menu WordPress plugin comes with two orientation styles i.e Horizontal and vertical orientation for your website. With Noo menu you can create unlimited preset styles and save it for future use. You can create rounded and flat styles as well.

Enjoy unlimited colours variant almost everywhere. Choose between using gradient or flat colour for the main menu and the sub menu. Adding most popular Google fonts is just a blink of an eye; beautify your menu with these cool and fast fonts. Make your menu look creative and living on the edge with transparent options and upto 12 columns support in the sub menu makes it the king of all other menu plugins.

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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Best Three WordPress Themes with Drag and Drop Builder

With the world moving on so fast everybody want things to be done in matter of seconds and when it comes to the management and decoration of one's website, everybody needs beauty and accuracy in the blink of an eye.

Nobody wants to spend a day or so just to make their website look attractive for users, what if this could be done in minutes or so...

For this purpose, this article will introduce you to three new WordPress themes with drag and drop builder that will make your website in time of no matter and with perfection like never before.

Enfold Responsive Multi-purpose Theme

Being the first and highly easy to use Enfold Responsive theme of its kind enfold is simple as well as attractive at the same time. Enfold provides you with the control you need over your website. It features modifications from the roots of the site.

Providing a number of colours, skins, fonts and what not, this theme makes your site look just as you like. Also it gives you an option to use predefined skins or make your own skin. Coming with a number of languages this theme is fully SEO optimized.

Coder or not this theme comes with a very user friendly admin panel that lets you modify your site according to your wish and without any difficulty. So hurry up and get advantage from the features of this theme before it is too late.

X-The Ultimate Wordpress Theme

As can be seen by the name, X - Ultimate WordPress Theme is a product for a lifetime.  Coming with a variety of extraordinary features this theme is a marvel in its own. Of the many features of this theme the very first is the super responsive layout making your web experience a high quality one. Secondly it includes a very well modified page builder to display the look of your website in no time.

Over 600 fonts to choose from make your site look just the way you want whether it be official or funky. Giving you full control over your website this theme also includes short codes in the form of plug-in so you can change the functionality of your site according to your will.

The theme also has the ability to make your site a full fledged store front with the new E-commerce feature. All these features and much more in the price that suits your pocket . So don’t be late.

Valenti Wordpress Theme

A bold and attractive Valenti theme using drag and drop builder, Valenti is a feature-filled theme. Having the new drag and drop builder, Valenti enables you to create cool as well as elegant homepage. Also it includes a mega menu system. Valenti also features a variety of power packed options to modify the look and contents of your site according to your will. 

New effects like parallax, full width, and full-background style give the website a look that is unforgettable. With an unmatched compatibility this theme makes your web experience extraordinary on any device you use. With all these and more of its unique features Valenti is a theme must to use.

We hope that this article provides you with details of the products that fulfil your needs like none other.
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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Best Three Wedding Blog Themes for Wordpress

Best Three Wedding Blog Themes for Wordpress
Wedding is the most beautiful event in a person’s life. And even more beautiful thing is to preserve the memories of this event in a way that is unforgettable. For wedding planners, a way to showcase their successful events not only promote their business but it also creates a bond of friendship and care between them and the clients.

For this, you require a classic as well as elegant collection of wedding themes to help nourish your business even more. In this topic, you will be introduced to three best wedding themes for your WordPress website.

Qaween Wedding Theme for Wordpress

Three Wedding Blog Themes for Wordpress

A very elegant theme, being the only one of its kind, Qaween theme features a wide range of colors to make your website lively and colorful. Furthermore, with a very responsive and user friendly layout this theme makes your web experience fun and easy.

Also, there is a wide range of customizable features that give you full command and control over your website. Moreover featuring a countdown timer, this theme keeps up your excitement for the time of your life. And last but not the least this theme provides you with an easy to use RSVP form so you can see the people who are attending your wedding ceremony. So avail the benefits of this theme before it is too late.

Soul Wedding Theme for Wordpress

Being the most elegant and decent theme of its kind Soul theme is a very responsive and easy to use the theme. A feature distinguishing the theme from others is the custom post type. Also coming with a collection of sidebars this theme helps keep everything organized and managed.

A collection of unlimited colors enables you to modify the looks of your website to your mood and taste. Coming with ten custom widgets to design your website this theme is at the same time highly compatible with many new web browsers.

Moreno Wedding Theme for Wordpress

Moreno WordPress theme is as good as its name sounds. Moreno theme gives your WordPress experience a whole new dimension. Being a very simple theme it is fully SEO Optimized that means search engines can easily index the content of your site. In addition to this Moreno support custom CSS and javascript. Coming with a variety of Background pages and customizing templates this theme makes your website look good to its fullest.

Select from these themes and give your website look like never before.  

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

How to Get Better Ranking for Website with CDN

Short for ‘Content Delivery Networks’, CDN is a network of geographically-dispersed servers which delivers cached content from websites to end users based on the location of the user.

To explain this in simple terms, a user is normally redirected to your website host’s server when he or she arrives on your site. If you happen to have a lot of site traffic, you can easily overload your server which will inevitably lead to your site loading slowly or worse yet, a complete site or server crash.

When you’re using a CDN which is a network of servers located in various places around the world, your site’s static content is cached and stored on all these servers. Then, when a user visits your website, the CDN will redirect them to the server which is located closest to them. This equates to your website loading faster wherein the user gets your content much more quickly.

A responsive, fast-loading site is always a good thing as it’s well known that you only have a few short seconds to capture (and hold) the attention of the typical website visitor. A site which loads slowly is one that most first-time visitors will simply skip over as online users are impatient by nature. These clear benefits of a CDN are why an increasing number of website owners are choosing to make the switch to CDNs.
Here is a brief overview of the many benefits of a CDN:

Increased Speed When you complete a CDN set up, your site will load much more quickly than it did before making the switch.

Fewer Crashes Because a CDN distributes your site’s traffic load to multiple servers as opposed to relying on just one server to handle the load, your website is very unlikely to crash regardless of how many people may be trying to simultaneously access it.

Better User Experience One of the main benefits of a CDN is the fact that you will be providing your site visitors with an improved user experience. You’ll enjoy seeing an increase in page views as well as an increase in the number of pages viewed by each user.

Better SEO Google makes no secret of the fact that faster sites rank better. In fact, Google encourages webmasters to regularly monitor site performance by using various tools such as its own PageSpeed.

CDNs have revolutionized the web hosting world over the past few years. Now’s the time to do a CDN set up as the world continues to go digital. Faster is always bette when it comes to load times for websites. And, since many websites today rely on product and service sales, conversion rates will increase when a site’s load can be intelligently distributed across a network of servers.

Our Preferred CDN Provider: MaxCDN 
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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Why Hostoople is best for Hosting

The worst nightmare of any online business entrepreneur is losing website due to server downtime. If you are active in the internet industry, you know exactly what I am talking about. When a website goes down you can seriously lose the money you could make within that downtime. Sometimes the downtime is so long that we may even end up losing some regular customers because they couldn’t find something they were looking for on time.

These are serious concerns for businesses that depend mostly on their websites. I recently went through similar problems with my hosting company that made me shift from them. I ended up using Hostoople hosting for my business. Today I am going to share why this hosting solution is an excellent choice if you are worried about going down due to server problems.

 So what exactly is storm on demand? It is basically a kick ass service provided by Hostoople, a hosting company that specializes in cloud hosting. Storm on demand has a unique offering that no other hosting solutions give. It gives you the ability to rent a server on hourly rates instead of monthly rates. This is suitable for both you and the company since this allows them to give you maximum uptime and a powerful server machine that never slows down. The best bit about hostoople is that it lets you customize your server the way you want. For example, you can let Hostoople know how much RAM, disk storage or CPU power you need from a server.

They will gladly modify the machine to your needs. You can then rent this server out for a specific amount. Keep in mind that oople on demand also gives you monthly packages which start at $50. This option is excellent if you only want to use the server for a specified period of time. Hostoople gives you the regular cPanel outfit to help you manage and control your domain. However keep in mind that this may cost you an extra charge.

If you want to manage your website on your own, you may never have to pay any extra charges. Most dedicated servers provided by different companies come with limited bandwidth. The good thing about Storm servers is that they do not charge you an upfront fee for bandwidth. There are only two ways you can pay for the bandwidth you use. The first plan allows you to pay for bandwidth as you consume it. If you do not like this plan, hostoople also lets you pay upfront for a specific amount of bandwidth. The best thing is that you can choose how much bandwidth you want to purchase instead of having the company choose you an allowance. One of the best features of storm servers is that it lets you scale your servers. This is a pretty cool feature as it lets you dynamically increase and decrease the power of your server. For example, if you come across a time when your server starts getting slow due to heavy traffic, you can simply press a button on your control panel to increase the scale of the server.

What happens is that you choose how much processing power you want to increase and how much more RAM you need. Right on the spot your stuff is synced with another server that is running on the specs you specified. The rates of course go up but you never have to pay anything extra for using this service. Hostoople is an excellent option for anyone who is tired of paying fixed amount of money to a company that cannot keep up with the amount of traffic your website brings in. With its dynamic sync options, oople gives you the tools to shift your game. With oople you can easily go above the limits of your website by simply and quickly shifting your data to another server. This process does not take more than 5 minutes or any extra cost. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses that cannot afford to lose customers due to server downtime. To learn More On Hosting Visit best cheap reseller hosting
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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Best CSS3 Pricing Table Plugins for Wordpress

CSS3 Pricing Table Plugins for WordPress
Nowadays, customers want variety not only in the products but also in the various different packages being offered to them. Be it a cellular service provider, an event planner or a travel agent, in the modern business environment, it is important to give people the chance to choose from several different pricing options. 

For this, of course, your WordPress site needs to have plugins that can support such features. This post will introduce you to three amazing pricing plugins for your website. 

CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids For WordPress

As suggested by the name, CSS Responsive Tabs is a completely responsive plugin that is based purely on CSS3 as well as HTML. With two different styles and twenty different colour options to choose from, this plugin ensures that you get maximum control over how your website looks.

There are countless options for the tables, columns and rows along with a very well developed admin panel with live configuration, active pop up columns and much more. There is a dedicated support team present to help you with any queries that you may have so hurry up and avail the benefits of this plugin.

CSS3 Vertical Web Pricing Tables For WordPress

Now you can create pricing tables on rows instead of columns thanks with WordPress tab plugin. With a completely responsive CSS3 interface, this plugin is ideal if you want to give your website a unique touch. It has ten predefined skin colors and animated hover states and font face fonts.  

Compatible with all modern browsers, this is an ideal plugin for a number of different websites.

CSS3 Pricing Tables for WordPress

This is an easy to use CSS3 Pricing Table plugin that is compatible with all modern browsers. No JavaScript is used at all and you can easily apply different styles to your pricing tables as per your choice.
Choose from these plugins and enjoy easy access to pricing table solutions!

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Best Live Chat Plugins for Wordpress

How to enable Live chat in your WordPress blog
It is absolutely essential for anyone who is trying to run a successful business to be able to stay in touch with their customers at all times. Good customer services can lead to better sales of your company’s products. However, failure to be able to deliver good quality customer services can have bad consequences for the company.

If you have a business that relies heavily on your website, it is very important that your clients can easily and readily get in touch with you. for this to happen, it is important that you have a good chat feature enabled so that your clients can directly engage in live chat with you. this post will introduce you to two very useful plugins that you can use to enable chat services for your clients.

WordPress Live Chat Plugin for Sales and Support

Live Chat an extremely useful plugin that can be used to enable chat for your clients to get in touch with you easily. It is an open source plugin with only a one-time fee. It is extremely easy to use; all you have to do is install it on your WordPress and simply start using it! It has a highly customizable skin that you can alter as per your requirements. 

Not only that, but it also gives you the option to effectively manage your chat logs and also gives you notification emails when users log in. An excellent option for businesses that want to give their users the ability to get in touch with them very easily!

ClickDesk - Live Support for WordPress

If you are beginner and want to activate a live chat system in your WordPress blog then ClickDesk give you an opportunity to start a service using there free plugin. Download and install the plugin from WordPress menu and then connect it with ClickDesk API system. You can manage the emails, offline messages and chats and create more support agents. 

PHP - Live Chat for custom templates

PHP live chat is a plugin that gives you the advantage to have unlimited operators and unlimited departments for custom WordPress Themes. A complete chat history is saved with a typing indicator, sound notifications and many more options. It is easy to use and can be installed very easily on your WordPress site!

So what are you waiting for? Make the most of these plugins and get in touch with your clients all the time!

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Best WordPress Landing Page Templates for Product Marketing

Best three landing pages for Product listing in WordPress
When somebody enters a query or opens up your website, they will obviously be directed to your landing page. The landing page is absolutely important because it will determine the impression that your visitors get about your website and consequently, your business as a whole.

This post will take you through a series of landing pages that can help you greatly. Just go through them yourself and you will see what I mean!

JustLanded - WordPress Landing Page

A fully responsive Just landed has unlimited colour options, over 500 Google Web fonts, an extremely strong and powerful admin panel, customizable widgets and several short codes and a number of more facilities, this is ideal for you if you want to give your landing page a highly modern and appealing look without actually having to go deeply into the technical details. 

You see, the technical details have already been taken care of for you! however, if you like getting technical, this is still a great option for you. 

HTML5/CSS3 supported, this is not only extremely compatible with various programs and languages but is also fully SEO optimized!

Myway - Onepage Bootstrap Parallax Retina Template

A highly responsive, Myway is multi-purpose template based on bootstrap, this template is ideal if you prefer the minimalistic view for your website. It is retina ready thus being extremely compatible with the latest devices out there!the parallax effect guarantees smooth scrolling and the numerous short-codes mean you are always in control of how the template appears!

Lister - Premium Landing Page:

Lister is a Premium PHP template that is ideal if you have long mailing lists. It is very responsive and can be customized as per your needs.  You can choose from a vast option of skins and colours to give your landing page the look you have envisioned!

These templates are ideal to help you save time and help you make your landing pages look and operate in a much better way than they would otherwise.

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