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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Autoresponder Integration with wordpress

What are Autoresponders?

Autoresponders are automated systems which send out mails, newsletters, and notifications to a list of or a group of people that have been added to the autoresponder list.

Autoresponder Services

There are a couple of popular autoresponder services such as Mailchimp, Get Response and Aweber. Campaigns are to be setup before mails, newsletter or notifications are actually sent to the people on the list. These autoresponder services provide ability to integrate list of email addresses of people who are to be mailed based on the schedules. For instance an ecommerce based wordpress site needs to send weekly bonus product offers or product discounts to the people on its mailing list, for this a campaign will be setup once and these autoresponder services provide such flexibility to schedule the offers mail based on specific timing.

Mailchimp Autoresponder Service

Mailchimp is one of the autoresponder service which is used by a couple of million users. It has an easy to use interface with a monkey sitting on the top right inside of the members area and giving out funny statements on each page visit. Mailchimp provides with prepaid email templates as well as provides a designing interface with a couple of customization options for users to design their email newsletters according to needs. Mailchimp also provides with RSS driven campaigns Which is a great feature for blog owners so that they can drip latest content information to their subscribers via emails. One of the thing that makes mailchimp most popular is their free user signup with a limitation to send 20k emails per month, Therefore premium membership are available to remove such restrictions. Mailchimp also shows off statistics of the campaigns.

Get Response Autoresponder Service

Get response is yet another Autoresponder service that can be chosen to be integrated with wordpress as they claim to to provide with world's easiest email marketing tools.Get response seems to be a very powerful tool for email marketers who can generate leads from their visitors with the help of beautiful newsletter templates provided by Get Response. There are alot of large organizations and companies that are utilizing get response services to better market their products and increase conversions. Get Response also provides with free 30 day trial which is a nice feature for people who want to test the autoresponder service before actually paying for it.

Aweber Autoresponder Service

Aweber is a smart email marketing tool that can be used with easy as it has a simple and rather understandable user interface.According to them people have increased the sales by utilizing their services.Therfore Aweber can be a great choice if the target is to boost up sales and get more conversions. Aweber comes with pre made email newsletter templates like other services which help in creating attention catching newsletters instantly.Other features provided by Aweber are Optin form confirmation and follow up messages that are when a user opts in a particular list from a website, he is instantly send a welcome email in a beautiful template. Aweber also provides with tracking and segmentation to have an overview of stats.

Integration of Autoresponder services with wordpress

Integration of autoresponder services with wordpress is not a difficult task as there are a couple of top wordpress plugins that can be used to generate optin or capture forms that capture name, email or maybe some other information of the visitor and add him to the autoresponder list that has been set in the plugin configuration setting.

List of wordpress plugins to integrate autoresponder service

1) Mailchimp List Subscribe Form

Mailchimp List Subscribe Forms adds an optin form feature to the wordpress site that can be integrated with the mailchimp account and the people who will opt in will be added to the mailing list.

2) Get Response Integration 

Get response integration plugin adds a customizable signup form that is connected to the a mailing list of a get response account.

3) Aweber Integration

Like other autoresponder plugins, aweber integration adds an optin form that can be used to capture emails, names and other useful information of the visitors that is stored into a mailing list and the information can be utilized in sending out emails via campaign.


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