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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Top Hosting Providers for Wordpress

Which Hosting is best for Wordpress site?

There are a number of hosting sites that can be taken under consideration while choosing the best hosting for wordpress site. However there are a couple of key points to too look after before actually making a final decision of selecting an hosting account for wordpress.

Key points to check before choosing an hosting provider 

  • The very first thing that need to be checked is does the hosting provider has an outstanding support, because everyone probably gets into some trouble somehow and that support will provide a full satisfactory solution to the issue. 
  • Secondly it is important to check that the hosting provider has taken extraordinary precautionary measures to secure itself from hackers as the biggest problem faced by website owners are that their sites being hacked. One way to investigate if the hosting provider is secure enough is to get testimonials of the current users of a particular hosting provider by questioning on forums.
  • Third thing to look for is the cost of the hosting provider. No one wants to pay a huge amount that is above the market rates.
  • Fourth option is to look after the number of different features an hosting provider offers. It is better to go for the most discounted offer by an hosting provider to test them on a trial base and then later on upgrade the hosting package.
  • Fifth thing to ponder is to look if there are not any hidden charges included in the package price as several hosting providers add some extra hidden charges which is not liked by the buyer at all.

Hostgator hosting for wordpress site

1) Hostgator

Hostgator is one of the best known hosting providers around the globe who have their strength in providing excellent customer service. Hostgator is offering a great number of discount options for the starters to make their own site to publish it online in front of the whole world. Hostgator's most popular and cheapest offer for people who tend to startup a new website starts from 0.1 cent only. They provide a 30 day trial in this price and hence it is a great option for people who want to test the hostgator services before actually investing in some money. Hostgator has an excellent chat support as well as telephone support which makes their service most popular of all. 

Why hostgator is best for wordpress?

Hostgator can be an ideal choice to choose for a site needed on wordpress platform as they have the latest PHP version installed on their servers and they have technical and security experts who have strengthened the security to its best also the system files are kept up to date with regular pre-scheduled maintenance.In a nutshell hostgator has sealed every possible route a hacker can try to breach someones hosting files. Hostgator also stores backup of sites every week or so but they do not guarantee backup retrieval. Hostgator adds another feature of fast installation scripts that instantly install a number of different popular platforms such as wordpress, magento, drupal, joomla and many others including forums and moodle sites. Many people who have had hosted their wordpress sites with cheap hosting providers experienced their website being hacked every now and then.

Wordpress with Hostgator: The Conclusion

Wordpress on hostgator site can be a perfect match if one is looking for security, efficient customer support and easy site setup.


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