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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Best Wordpress Membership Plugins

Wordpress membership plugins convert a standard wordpress site into fully functional membership site. Membership sites are useful when it comes to protect content from ordinary visitors and only allow access to the members with log in credentials. There are a number of people who wish to develop such a platform where they can provide a membership access to the payed members and share them with some ebook, files or some other product that can be sold online. Therefore these kind of top plugins come in to fit in this scenerio.

Wordpress Membership Plugins List

1) Digital Access Pass (DAP)

Digital Access Pass or DAP is very useful plugin that helps in adding membership system to a wordpress site. Learn in detail about Digital access Pass (DAP).

2) Fast Member Wordpress Plugin

Fast Member as the name suggest is a plugin that creates Membership Sites instantly. Learn in Detail about fast member wordpress plugin.

3) Wishlist Member Plugin

Wishlist Member is yet another plugin that comes in handy to create wordpress membership sites with ease. Learn More about wishlist Member Plugin

4) S2Member Wordpress Membership Plugin

S2Member is a free wordpress plugin that helps in creating a membership site. Now that it is a free plugin therefore it does not include as many features as premium wordpress membership plugins. Therefore due to these limitations, S2Member is not much popular when it comes to choose a membership plugin for wordpress sites.


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