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Monday, 18 February 2013

How to speed up Wordpress website?

There are a couple of ways to speed up the loading time of a website. Loading time of a site refers to the total time that a web page takes to show up in a visitor's browser.

Why less load time of a website is important?

One might think that why exactly does load time of a website matter. Well loading time of wordpress sites have a great impact on overall performance of a site. It has been experienced that users stay on a fast site and surf more in comparison with a site that is slow and takes alot of seconds to load different web pages.

Ways to decrease Wordpress load time

There are several ways to deal with the issue of slow loading time, in term of wordpress, sites can be made speedy by installing several wordpress plugins available. Two of the best wordpress plugins known for speeding up wordpress sites are:
  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP Super Cache
It is quite simple to just install these plugins from the admin panel of a particular website, activate them and configure it accordingly.

Why do sites need to be faster in terms of SEO?

Search Engines spiders not just crawl through the framework of code of sites but they also have their algorithms programmed in a way that they also calculate several other statistics of site including the calculation of site loading time. Therefore it is important to make sites load as fast as possibles as this action will help ranking pages higher in search engine result pages.

Other ways to decrease website load time

Mostly the wordpress plugins that are discussed above will handle all the required code compression steps to ensure better load time of site but we can also take further steps to make it even better. These steps include that we reduce the number of images on webpages but if more images are to be required on a particular web page, it is recommended that CDN (content delivery network) should be integrated with site. Other than that inclusion of javascripts that even reduce the load time of websites can also be attached to the header of the site.


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