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Monday, 11 February 2013

Top five Wordpress Plugins

Wordpress plugins are pieces of functions that can be integrated into any wordpress based site and they perform certain actions that enhance a wordpress site to perform extended features. For example a Newsletter plugin will add an extra feature to a wordpress site and will allow administrator to add a newsletter widget that might contain a newsletter form that will grab the opted emails and add them to a Newsletter Mailing List.

Top 5 Wordpress Plugins List

There are a number of wordpress plugins out there which are top rated by the users and wordpress community depending upon the flexibility of a plugin. Here you will find the list of top ten plugins of wordpress that will help you add some extra features to your standard wordpress site.

1) Jetpack by

Jetpack is considered one of the best wordpress plugin as it provides a list of features such as stats count without adding extra burden on server, email subscriptions can be added for the posts or comments either. Other than that Jetpack integrates social network to the default wordpress comments structure.It also additionally provides a URL shortner inside the settings tab. Mathematical terms can easily be placed on sites with this plugin and provides a widget integration that pulls latest tweets from a specified twitter account and displays it in the widget area. There are alot more features that jetpack provides upon installation.

2) Akismet Plugin

The second and the most recommended wordpress plugin is Akismet. Basically this plugin has nothing to output at the front end of the site rather it works silently at the back end of the blog and is very useful to stop spam comments on wordpress sites. It has been one of the most biggest issue for sites to stop spam comments and let natural comments pass on. This plugin has been designed in such a way that it utilizes its intelligence to spot out the spam comments and block them permanently.

3) Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 is yet another great wordpress plugin to install. It generates a nice looking contact form on any page or post using a simple shortcode provided in the plugin's settings tab. The great thing about this plugin is that it can easily be styled any way user likes, therefore knowledge of CSS is required to make custom designed contact form using Contact form 7. This is what makes this plugin unique and most popular of all other plugins that generate contact forms on pages. This plugin is highly customizable and one can set up any sort of contact form with different fields.

4) W3 Total Cache

W3 total cache is handy plugin when it comes to speed up a wordpress site. It compresses the code of a site as well as images and java script. CDN can also be integrated to a wordpress site using W3 Total Cache other than this it allows object cache method and browser cache method. All in a nutshell this is a great plugin to go for as speedy sites are highly recommended by google itself.

5) Google XML Sitemaps

It is very important to generate sitemap of a site weather a site has a small sitemap or a large sitemap, this statement has been declared by google. Therefore the importance of sitemaps can be judged. Using this plugin sitemaps can be created instantly which contains a road map for the google spider to crawl through.


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