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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Wordpress 3.5.1 Latest Release

Is wordpress 3.5.1 stable?

Wordpress 3.5.1 has been released which has given relief to millions of wordpress users who faced a great number of bugs more than 35 in wordpress 3.5 release.

List of wordpress 3.5 Bugs

Here is a list of some wordpress 3.5 bugs that were spotted and that have been fixed with the latest release of wordpress 3.5.1:

  •  <a> tags got stripped from the wordpress back end editor
  • Gallery editing sometimes showing wrong images
  • Media: Image not being auto selected after uploading and selecting as a featured image
  • Align/Link/Size default issues with Media uploader
  • Twenty Twelve wordpress defailt theme upgrade bugs
  • Gallery rearrangement does not work in wordpress version 3.5,  Gallery update button just closes dialogue
  • Post preview button not working fine in WP version 3.5 as it did on older version of wordpress
  • Post edit page may become almost unusable and text area re-size not saved
  • There are a list of many other bugs that have been fixed in the latest release. According to wordpress official site news, a list of 37 bugs have been fixed in the latest release

How to fix wordpress 3.5 bugs?

There had not been permanent resolution for the wordpress 3.5 bugs since the release of the latest and rather stable version of worpress 3.5.1 that can be downloaded directly from Wordpress Official Site. It has still been a question in minds of wordpress users that possibility of 3.5 wordpress version release without proper testing for bugs, although wordpress developers are not to be blamed as they have provided the best blogging tool that is kept open source. 


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