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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Guide for Choosing Best Domain Name

It is very important that you have a nice domain name if you are planning to start up with. There are several key points worth keeping in mind before booking one.

Key Points to Keep in Mind before Buying a Domain Name

1) Avoid Exact Match Domains (EMD)

Selecting Best Domain nameExact match domains are those domains which contain exact keyword phrase that you plan to focus on building your content on. For example lets assume that your intention is to provide people a platform where they can sell cars online, and you are focusing the keyword "sell cars online", and you manage to get a domain containing exact keyword phrase that is "", you will not be granted with extra benefits by search engines.

Why You Should Avoid EMD?

You should avoid exact match keyword domains (EMD's) because google has altered it's algorithm and it no longer gives preference to the EMD's as it did before as mentioned by Matt Cutts, the head of Google Web spam team.

2) Avoid Domain based on your Own Name

One should not book a domain based on his own name, as it is just not considered up to standards as you are going to provide different types of information on your site and nothing about yourself or your personal life. But if your intention is to write a story about yourself or contribute articles regarding your own lifestyle, you may buy a domain having you own name.

3) Buy Domains having less characters

Domains with less characters are better because the audience can easily remember your site and they will keep visiting it whenever they will require some particular information. Shorter Domain names are also better in SEO point of view.

4) Avoid Numbers in Domain Name

Domains names containing numbers are not considered good in terms of SEO for example "". The reason is that there are a huge number of spam sites that are having domains containing numbers. Keeping that in mind, search engines might consider your domain containing numbers one of them and treat you accordingly. Let me ask you, when have you searched for a term in google and it returned a site that has numbers in it on search engine results page, probably you wouldn't have experienced something like that. There might be some very rare cases though in which domains containing numbers show up in search engine results page.

5) Avoid Hyphen in Domain name

Hyphens shall also not be used in domain names. For example a domain "" is much better than "" If you come to a point where you have to make choice between a domain with a hyphen or a domain with an extra random letter at the end, preference should be given to the domain with an extra letter at the end. For example you have to chose between "" and "", you should go for the second option without thinking twice.

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