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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Guide to add Gravatar in Wordpress

Gravatar in WordPress
When you screw around the web and give comments, writing blog posts and contributing to forums and so on its nice to able to leave your mark; your avatar, the image that represent you and gets you recognized in the world of blogging. But you don't need to upload your avatar for every blog, service and network keep along to which is a wasting of time.

What is Gravatar 

Gravatar is a free service that is globally recognized avatar service. By uploading a picture once, it connect you to Gravatar by your email address and is used wherever you go, when you write a post or leave a comment your avatar comes along for the right.

Go to to setup your new account in just a few seconds. Click on Signup button and submit your Email address.

Add your email address and click submit. Once done, you will receive an email form Gravatar to activate your new account. Open your email address and click on activation link.

After you click the activation link, another window will appear to complete your profile.

Once done, add your image in your Gravatar account by clicking Upload Button. Browser images from your computer or if you have uploaded it on other websites or social networks then add its URL. Once you add the image, you have an option to crop your image and select the size according to your need. 

The next step is for rating your image .

Now you have to set a rating for this like a movie. Here, keeping things relevant to needs, G rating is the best option because it covers all websites and blog posts generally. You can upload as many pictures as you like and assign them to different email addresses. 

Gravatar is supported by lots of different sites and you can also add in your Free WordPress blog as well as self hosted WordPress site. Go to WordPress admin Dashboard and then go to Profile panel and here in email address field enter your registered Gravatar email there and save profile. Once done your avatar will appears under author box, comments and in your blog posts.


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