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Friday, 8 March 2013

How to add Multiple Users in Wordpress

Part of the advantage of content management system in WordPress, there is the ability to have use of multiple users attached to a single site and to give each of the user different permissions based on who they are and what are they going to do. WordPress has extensive user management tools built in and by using them, you can create an active community of contributors and comment users.

All user management is done in Dashboard under User on the left hand site menu bar. Clicking on User setting you can go forward to user admin panel and firstly you have only one user that may be you and administrator of the account. Now you can invite new user as a community by clicking Add New User.

Now you see different options and role for the New User. Chose the Username, Email and other fields like Name, Last name, Website and Password. Here Password must be strong to prevent your own website from being hacked. You can also send password to the new user's email address.

Now the final and important field is Role on the user in your site. As you see there are five roles
  1. Subscriber
  2. Administrator
  3. Editor
  4. Author
  5. Contributor
Subscriber can only get fresh content of your website via Email and he has no more use in your site. 

Administrator can access at every part of your website and it can also create more users and changing layout and everything in site.

Editor can write content, manage content and update already published contents.

Author can only write fresh contents.  

Contributor is who can manage and writing the Post and publish them.

By using WordPress users community you can able to produce more content at the same time and have more current and updated site. With the firm handle in different users roles you can create a solid publishing network with lots of new contents.


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