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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Best Gallery Plugins for Wordpress

Best gallery plugins for wordpress are often searched by millions of wordpress site owners. This guide contains the list of the best wordpress gallery plugins according to their respective features.

List of Best Wordpress Gallery Plugins

 There is a vast list of wordpress plugins including a number of gallery plugins for wordpress as they help in adding new functionality to a wordpress site.

1) NextGen Gallery Plugin for wordpress 

NextGen Gallery plugin has been witnessed to be the most popular gallery plugin that can judged by millions of downloads of this particular plugin.

There are a number of features why this plugin is so popular:
  • NextGen has supports Slideshow view as well as thumbnail view or grid view.
  •  NextGen gallery plugin has it's administration area in the wordpress admin panel from where this plugin has all the number of options available at one place.
  • The Best thing about this plugin is that it provides much flexibility to optimize each and every single gallery image uploaded for the search engines.
  • It is simple to create new galleries and they can show up in a page or post by placing a simple shortcode generated by the plugin.
  • A batch of images contained in a zip file can be uploaded instantly or a whole folder can be uploaded 
  • Plugin uses jquery effects to popup gallery images in a new window.

2) Gallery Plugin for Wordpress

Gallery is yet another plugin of wordpress that extends the feature of a wordpress site to add a gallery.

  • One can create a gallery containing any quantity of images as well as add description to every single image of a gallery. Allows functionality to load any number of images of a gallery and add captions to each and every image of the gallery.
  • Short codes support integrated and they work with posts as well as pages.
  • Plugin is translated into 17 different languages.
  • Supports High Quality, High Definition images
  • Technical support can be attained by contacting the plugin developers

3) Photosmash Gallery Plugin

Photosmash is another gallery plugin for wordpress with quite similar functionality to other gallery plugins but has rather low number of total downloads.

Features of photosmash gallery plugin:

  • Photosmash has an iPhone app that allows users to add new images to the galleries.
  • Users can contribute images; they can upload images to the galleries if enabled
  • Supports multiple image uploads with latest AJAX integrated.
  • Star rating system for images.
  • Email alerts functionality for the administrator.
  • Supports image viewing systems like lightbox and shadowbox.


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