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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Best SEO Plugins for Wordpress

How SEO works?

SEO or Search Engine optimization is a process of organizing a site so that it fits into proper webmaster guidelines and that spiders, the search engine bots, love to crawl the site as well as spend time to download data to be stored into their servers.

List of Best SEO Plugins for Wordpress

1) All in One SEO Wordpress Plugin

All in One SEO as the plugin name suggests, provides with all the Search engine optimization solutions in a single pack. Michael Torbert the Author of this plugin has packed this plugin keeping in mind the core concepts of on page Search engine optimization such as meta titles, meta descriptions as well as meta keywords. There are alot more features that are covered by this plugin as listed below:

  • All in one SEO supports google analytic's integration
  • Supports custom Post types
  • Contains advanced Canonical URL's that is quite important factor in terms of SEO
  • It also has a built in API therefore it is easy for other plugins and themes to access it and extend functionality according to the requirements
  • Active support for e-Commerce Based themes
  • Has nonce security protection
  • Having ability to optimize titles automatically
  • Having ability to add Meta keywords automatically for posts and pages.

2) Wordpress SEO by Yoast

Wordpress SEO by yoast plugin is yet another popular choice utilized by great number of wordpress users as it provides great help for technical Search engine optimization. Wordpress itself is developed keeping in view the basic concepts of search engine optimization but it generally requires different tweaks and improvements now and then. That is where this SEO plugin comes handy as it trends the following great features:
  • Wordpress SEO by yoast adds extreme canonical linkage to almost all pages. It adds rel="prev" and rel="next" attributes inside the head tag of HTML pages following the new updates announced by google.
  • Supports and generates a nested sitemap , therefore eliminating the requirement of installing a separate plugin for a sitemap.
  • RSS feeds Optimization
  • Breadcrumbs support. Breadcrumbs are the pathway links displayed at the top of the page that help user to navigate through pages easily and efficiently. Search Engines such as google really appreciate the site that has enable breadcrumbs functionality.
  • Ability to edit .htaccess and robots.txt file from the plugin settings panel.
  • Import and export functionality of the plugin settings that make it easier to implement exact same plugin configuration from one site to another.
  • Wordpress SEO by yoast supports 24 different languages

3) SEO Ultimate Wordpress Plugin

SEO Ultimate is yet another intelligent wordpress plugin that comes in with a list of features. This plugin also deals with similar SEO aspects as other wordpress plugins. Here are salient features of SEO ultimate wordpress plugin:

  • Easily Rewrite title tags for improved keyword optimized titles for post and pages
  • Easily write meta descriptions. Auto-generation of meta description is also supported via shortcodes
  • Facebook Open graph integration support.
  • Rich snippets creator, which integrates structured data into pages such as author info, reviews, places to rank higher in search engine result pages
  • Link mask generator tool is also a part of this plugin which help in masking any URL that is required.
  • Canonical link structure supported
  • 404 errors monitoring service integrated
  • Permalink structure optimization via SEO Ultimate plugin panel
  • Easily add, edit meta robots tag
  • This plugin has its own widgets that can be inserted into sidebars

Which SEO plugin to choose?

According to the usability of search engine optimization plugins, I experienced wordpress SEO by Yoast the best plugin not only because it is easy to use but it is quite flexible in terms of implementing advanced SEO tactics that help ranking high in search engine result pages. In general all SEO plugins are designed for the best practice in the implementation of SEO, Therefore personal preference can be a better solution if you are confused about which plugin to use for search engine optimization of your wordpress site.


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