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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Best Slider Plugins for Wordpress

Sliders are mostly used on the homepages of websites that show the key points along with images of what exactly a site offers respectively. That being said, some sites use sliders to display their latest posts or publishing's. Often the people who own wordpress site want to know best slider plugins that work perfectly within any wordpress theme. Here are a list of wordpress slider plugins that might help fulfill the requirements:

List of Best Slider Plugins for Wordpress  

1) Smooth Slider plugin for wordpress

As the name suggests, smooth slider plugin adds a slider with smooth images with slideshow support integrated and added ability to set custom backgrounds. Here are a list of features of smooth slider plugin:
  • Image and Content Slider.
  • Lots of customization options available will complete control.
  • Supports Responsive Design according to the latest web standards.
  • A Number of transition effects supported.
  • Search Engine Optimized Slideshow.
  • There is no need of PHP,HTML,CSS knowledge required particularly, hence the ones having grasp on CSS can create their custom slider styles by using integrated custom styling support.

2) Promotion Slider for Wordpress

Promotion slider is a jQuery supported slider that makes it simple to create new simple slideshows. One can also create ad zones with this plugin as this feature has been kept alive. Here are the key points of this plugin:
  • Highly Customizable
  • Complete control on sliders via wordpress admin panel
  • Simple shortcodes that help to integrate sliders into single posts or pages
  • Flexibility in terms of setting up new sliders

3) Easy Nivo Slider Wordpress Plugin

Easy Nivo slider makes it super simple to add nivo slider to either a post or a page. This plugin also provides a number of customizable options to set according to needs. Here are some key points of this plugin:
  • Multiple customizations can be done including size, speed, type of animation.
  • All attachment images in a post or a page can be set to be used in a slider or featured images of posts can be set as slider images given that the slider category is defined.
  • Sliders can be added into sidebars by using easy nivo widget.
  • Easy slider integration with the help of system generated shortcodes
  • Preview mode that allows to have a look at appearance of sliders before actually publishing it.

Which Slider Plugin to choose?

It generally depends upon preference, but the key point to keep in mind while selecting the best slider plugin for wordpress is that it should be Search Engine Optimized as the goal is to integrate a beautiful looking slider as well as make it search engine friendly so that the site ranks well overall in the search engine result pages.


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