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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Best Way to Get Backlinks

There have been a variety of methods people have tried in order to gain links to their websites. Some work for a while and some never did. Since many of the old ways are still discussed online in many articles, forums and blog posts. First you need to remember why you want links in the first place. Google was the first search engine to define link popularity.

Webmasters marketed their website by trying to get links, but they did it because of the targeted traffic those links could bring. This is still the reason today why you should be trying to get them. While exchanging links with others sites isn't bad at all and most cause the search engines to penalize your website or anything. It can cause people to make bad decisions with which sites they end up linking to. The search engines do look at what sites you're linking to and if you link to the ones they know are bad or spammy,  those links will only hurt your site, but more than that, why would you want to point your website visitors to websites you don't truly recommend.

Never pay for backlinks

As links became more difficult to obtain, webmasters have resorted to paying for links, the problem with this is that search engines dislike them because if you pay for a link, it's not really a vote now is it? So if the search engine can spot a link as paid, they will disregard it and not count it towards your link popularity score. In fact, they even request that your label paid links has sponsored by marking them with what's called a "nofollow" link attribute. This helps them filter them out of their algorithm. While you can certainly buy adds which provide a link to your site if you'd like, just remember that they may or may not count towards your link popularity score. If you decide to buy links, be sure they're once that will bring targeted visitors to your site who are interested in what offer. In general, your best bet is to always avoid any sort of links building tricks and schemes. Well you can submit your site to websites that will accept any link, it's doubtful it will count for much with the search engines since they understand it's not a vote. Stay far away from anything that could be considered a link farm which is just a ring of sites that all agree to link each other in order to increase their link popularity.

Get backlinks the Natural Way

Your aim should be to write fresh unique and for sure best quality content that can convince your readers to link back to you, this is the only way to achieve backlinks the natural way .You should also put the idea of buying a whole slue websites, just so you can link them all together and increase your link popularity right out of your head, it's one of the oldest tricks in the book which eventually get caught. That said, If you own a few sites and it makes sense to link between them, you don't have to be afraid of doing so, just be sure that the links makes sense within the context of the website and you'll be fine. There are no shortcuts when it comes to link building, If something seems too good to be true, its like that it is.


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