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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Build Social Networking site with Buddy Press

You might have wished to build your own social networking site, the good thing is that Wordpress has proved to be one successful content management system and allows a site to be converted into a small social network.

Building Social Network site with BuddyPress on Wordpress

You might not have heard of buddypress, it can be considered as an extension of wordpress that helps building a community of social network site. Great thing is that buddypress is totally free as wordpress and can be used by anyone interested. 

What can you utilize buddypress for?

Aim of buddypress is to connect people and provide them a mutual platform similar to any social networking site. People can keep in touch an communicate on the platform provided. Buddypress can also be smartly utilized an internal communication tool among the employees of a particular company. A small social network based on a particular niche or topic can be created too. Lastly buddy press can also be utilized to build a small network for people, targeting a new product that needs attention.

Just like wordpress, buddypress has it's individual forum available that can be of real help when it comes to troubleshooting different problems. Active forum members can help you out solving the problem that you might face.

Buddy press comes along with a couple of features all boxed inside the package. It is really easy to turn different features on or off according to requirements.

Get your social networking site up and running

To get started with your own social network platform, just install buddy press plugin using your wordpress admin panel. Next select a buddy press compatible theme and activate it. That is really it, but you surely will have to configure different options to make your public network site fully functional. Play around with options and you will be able to see success in no time.

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