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Monday, 11 March 2013

How to Change Permalinks in Wordpress

Now you have successfully setup a self hosted WordPress site and you may notice when you navigate around, your posts and page URLS look strange like this "" by default. Your site name and then page id and here 123 is the number of your page. But the problem is you want to go directly to your post and page and not want this kind of url structure because it is difficult to remember also seach engines give no preference to site that contain numerical or complex URL structures.

How to change Permalinks in WordPress

Here is how you may change the permalinks of your site. Basically permalinks are the permanent links that point specific pages that you can set so they look nice and easier to read and remember so when people can visit your site they can analyze where they are and it is also very important factor to remember when it comes to search engines.

To setup permalinks Go to your Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks. 

changing permalinks in wordpress

From here you can see different default and custom settings for your permalinks. Like you can set day and name in your published post permalink structure or you can give it to a numeric name. Also you can change your permalink same as post name, that is the title of the page or post that you set. 

Changing structure of Permalinks

The most beneficial and most used custom structure is name/post name in terms of SEO. Write /%category%/%postname%/ in custom structure and this will create a best permalink structure for your posts and pages that is the name of the category and then the post name. Click Save settings then all your permalinks will automatically converted into new permalink structure.

Advantages of Permalinks Optimization

Setting up a permalink to your site will help you to do several different things. First of it will create good permalink that are easy to tell people and easy to link to, secondly it will setup a permalinks that search engines like, thirdly it will give people visit your site in the clear indication where they are on the site.


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