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Saturday, 9 March 2013

How to moderate Comments in Wordpress

As the core of the social web like ability to interact with your readers, WordPress based website's interaction is mainly done through comments. Having in active comment community attached to your site can be hugely roboting but because anyone can comment and not everyone has not good enough intentions and comment management is a necessary.

WordPress can provide several different ways for comments management but lets first look at what a comment is. If we go to the blog portion of our site and then we scroll a big down you see a comment box. People can leave comments and reply to other published comments via comment box.

How to edit comments in Admin Dashboard

When someone leaves a comment or answers already published comment, it will appears in the admin panel in your WordPress Dashboard.

Now here in Discussion menu. You see list of Comments, Approved comments, Pending and Spam comments. Click on any one of these and you can get the details of it.

Now if you click Pending then the list of pending comments appears.

Now here you see the different options. You can approved the comment, or reply on this comment. Also you can edit the comment and if it is a spam comment then you can post it as a spam comment or delete the comment by clicking Trash.

Comments settings configuration in WordPress

You can set up the comment setting by going into Settings > Discussion

Now you can see different types of comments moderating settings for your WordPress site.

Here you can briefly setup the comment box setting for your site. You can add restriction about locations, links who can comment in your site. Here you can adjust, re adjust and test how people attract towards your site and how much willing to go through and get there. In General the default settings are pretty good and you might have experiment to get the right.

Comments are a great way to build a community in a WordPress based site and it can drag new followers to your site and the best way to keep them coming is to join in the conversation. Just keep in mind you need to be friendly, supportive and active comment moderator otherwise your site will be overrun with spam very quickly.


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