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Friday, 15 March 2013

Create a fiverr Like Site on Wordpress

creating a fiverr like site on wordpressYou might have heard of, if not, fiverr is a micro-job site that allows people to signup and post different offers that are called gigs which they can provide to their potential customers. The most exciting thing about fiverr is that the price of each job is five dollars ($5) only that is the main reason it is named as "Micro Jobs site".

Creating Your own Fiverr Like Website

You may wonder if it is possible for you to have your own microjob site with same functionality as fiverr as well as similar layout and appearance. Well you seem in luck because there is indeed a fast solution that can help you out build your own micro job site such as fiverr based on wordpress platform. Follow along with the tutorial to have your very own wordpress based fiverr like site.

Requirements to get started

There are almost always some requirements before starting something useful therefore following are the things that you will require to get started.
  • Domain name
  • Hosting account
If you already have these, you are having a lucky day. Now all you need to do is install wordpress on your host. If you do not know how to install wordpress,

Now that you have got wordpress installed, lets have some more fun, now you need to download the following theme to make your website look and work like fiverr:

Next go to Themes and select Pricerr Theme. Grab your License. Log into the site using your credentials and download the Pricerr theme as well as latest framework. 

Install the framework followed by installation of Pricerr Theme on your wordpress. If you do not know how to install theme in wordpress,

Now that you have installed the theme, that is all, you can have a preview of your site. You have your own fiverr like site, different settings can be managed from the wordpress admin control panel. You can start promoting your site on social media. People who will register on your site will be provided with their own administration panel. Buyers can pay with ease as the theme supports a number of payment processing systems. A good way to start up is by introducing site to friends, from there you may make your site go viral through social media sites.


  1. Thank you so much! I'm so excited that I found your site. The Pricerr Theme looks like everything I need to re-launch my site, except missing one thing. I need an affiliate program built in for new gig users to pay to join, refer others, earn commission. Should I just use the plugin wp-affiliate-platform?

    1. You are welcome, affiliate program integration would be a good initiative.

  2. hello, question does the wp theme fiverr like has the same back end features to run the site?


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