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Monday, 25 March 2013

How to Create Image Gallery in WordPress

With the new media uploader in WordPress 3.5 adding an image gallery in your page or post has never been much easier. First you need to place a cursor at the spot where you like to add a media gallery appear. Once you do that all you need to click on the Add Media button.

When you click Add Media button it will launch the new media uploader interface From here select the Create Gallery from the left Sidebar.

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Selecting Images for Gallery

Here you can select previously upload images as your gallery images. If you want to add more new images, then we also have an option of Upload New files and in which case we go to our computer and simply locate the file and upload and drag and drop into the WordPress media interface. 

You will see each image will upload and once it done upload then check boxes appear on them. Again click Create Gallery and select images and once you are happy with your selection all you need do is to click on Create Gallery .

Inserting Gallery inside Post or Pages 

From here you have another media interface where you can assemble you images. You can drag and drop the images and order them as you want to appear in your post or pages. You can also remove selected images if you don't want them to appear in your gallery. You can even type the description of each image. When you done all click on the Insert Gallery button. 

Inside of the Dashboard, the area of the Gallery created looks like this: 

The images in gallery are not visible in post content area and the container actually represent the area where image gallery is placed. From here you just need to click on the Publish or Update button to see your gallery in your posts or pages. You can see the image gallery is inserted in your post or page. 


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