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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Creating a Search Engine Friendly Site Architecture

Search Engine Friendly site Architecture
The architecture of your website, that is the way pages are linked together is often overlooked as an SEO tactic. Instead, the task is often left to website unless there is something to figure out. When search engines are not thought about when creating the site's navigation, other SEO techniques that you implement will have less chance of success.

Importance of Clean and accessible site architecture

Site architecture, which is sometimes preferred to as information architecture is basically how the pages of a website are linked together. The way you as a site owner, link to them within the navigational structure, tells peoples and search engines which pages are important as well as which aren't. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. If you link the pages in your main navigation on every page of your website, you're making a statement that they are important. On the other hand if other pages are buried because they take four or five clicks to even find onto your site, you're saying that they are not important and the search engines will give them less attention accordingly because they have less link popularity or as we like to say in the SEO biz, "less link juice". In putting together the an search engine optimized site, we needed to think about what types of pages would be important enough to link to in the main navigation.

There were a few different places within the site's template to link to important categories. The top navigation of the page is one place but there is also another navigational section for reviews which is linked to from every page of the site. That's another good place to link to top level important categories and sub categories.

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You probably have some idea of what pages of your site are important enough to link to within your main navigation, but you should also use your keyword research to help with this task. Your keyword research can tell you of what people are most interested in because of what they're seeking out at search engines. Use that information to create category links accordingly and off course, you'll want to make sure that they relate of what your site is all about. As you'll find it pretty impossible to squeeze new categories into a site if they don't really belong there.


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