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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Wordpress Landing Pages

What is a landing page?

Landing page is a word well known by internet marketers. It is a professionally designed webpage that contains some opt-in forms or opt-in fields to capture useful information of a visitor such as name, email, age and a couple of other options depending upon the nature of the landing page. Now one might wonder that why is this information useful and why does it matter. Well, It is experienced that internet marketers achieve fifty percent of success on just convincing the visitor to opt-into their site with the help of conversion forms and a beautiful web page. 

How to Create Landing pages in Wordpress?

There are a couple of premium wordpress templates that are meant for landing pages. Below is an example of an elegant and premium professionally created Landing page.

You may watch the live preview of the landing page here. Notice that the landing page is beautifully created as well as it's contents are eye catchy to actually seek the attention of the visitor. This is a very important factor to keep in mind in order to build a successful landing page. The beauty of your landing page will bound the visitor to keep on inspecting your site, and this will have two great impacts on your site:
  • The bounce rate of your site will be very low which is a very great factor when looking at site's visitor analytic's and matrices.
  • There is a great chance that visitors will follow up with your site and will submit their details on the capture form that you have on your landing page.

Creating Elegant Landing Pages with Optimizepress

Optimizepress is a premium wordpress theme that allows to build up unique landing pages within a wordpress site. It is not only easy to use but contains a great variety of pre-designed wordpress landing pages just ready, the only requirement is the proper configuration to input the text, heading, images or a video if there is one. Other than that, there must be an account with any autoresponder service. You can get to know what is an auto-responder here if you do not know about it already. Also setting up autoresponder is discussed in the article.

Custom Created Landing Pages in Wordpress

One awesome thing about wordpress is that one can simply integrate any web design that has been coded with HTML/CSS, to be integrated into wordpress. There is a great variety of landing pages in HTML/CSS format that can be converted for wordpress by yourself or if you are not much capable, you may get it done cheaply by some developer or you can ask for help on wordpress official forum. 

Note that the color scheme of your landing page shall be not frustrating, meaning a webpage with perfect color combination can hold of an visitor for much longer as compared to one with bad color schema.

There is another great option to integrate a landing page into a wordpress theme by creating a seperate page template which will generate the landing page, understanding of some coding is therefore required to achieve this target.

Targeted Audience: an important factor 

According to my personal experience, most of the newbie internet marketers fail to gain success because they miss the important factor of targeted audience. Lets think of it like a person wants a car and you are forcing him to buy a motorcycle, from here you can think that your efforts for selling him a motorbike is of no use, but if you apply the same efforts to the person who actually is looking for a motorbike, chances are that you will make a lead. Research is a great thing to do in order to find targeted audience for a particular product.


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