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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Difference Between Posts and Pages in Wordpress

Wordpress has two main types of contents , Posts and pages. Understanding the similarities and differences between them is important to create a well organized site. Posts and pages display different types of content.

Posts generally display the following content:

  • Posts are displayed dynamically so they appear in a reverse chronological order on site just like a blog.
  • Post usually contain things such as news, blog items and articles and is considered update-able content that can become untimely after certain amount of time 

Pages Display the following content in general:

  • Pages on the other side are static, they are displayed as free standing and have no relationship with other pages as posts do. This means they do not contain the information that relates to another information contained on another page.
  • Pages usually contain information such as about us page, contact page and FAQ ( frequently asked question ) like pages that remain static.
However the main difference that remains between posts and pages is how they are organized.

Organization of Posts and Pages:

Posts Vs Pages - Wordpress
Posts are organized on the following basis:
  • Published date and time, that means one can view all posts by selecting a particular time period.
  • Category, One can view all the posts that are placed inside a category named "Cars" for instance.
  • Tags, Or one can view posts with certain tags.
  • Author, Lastly all posts can be viewed written by a particular author.
Pages are organized on the following basis:
  • Pages are only only organized on parent/child relationship basis. That means one can write one page and another page and set the second page as the child of the first page. This relationship is displayed only when it comes to menus such as navigation menu or  a sidebar menu that displays page hierarchy where a child page will be displayed subsidiary to its parent page.  
When to use post and when to use a page?
The rule of thumb is to use pages for information that does not change and is static and posts for content that is dynamic and may change or updated from time to time.


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