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Friday, 29 March 2013

How to Integrate Google Analytics in Wordpress

google analytics wordpressGoogle analytics is very useful when it comes to having glance on the visitor statistics of a site. It provides traffic stats, most viewed pages, page views count, unique visitors and a lot more. It is highly recommended that you integrate google analytics into your website so that you may have an idea how well your site is doing on the world wide web.

Google Analytics Integration in Wordpress

Integrating google analytics in wordpress is quite a simple task as wordpress plugin will handle the hard part of the task. There are several ways one can use to integrate its code into wordpress site. The easiest way to do this is by using a wordpress google analytics plugin.

First of all you need to install the plugin, you may view the plugin here, you can do that on the plugin options by searching for google analytics plugin or you may upload it after downloading it on your computer. 

In case you are new to wordpress, you might want to read our how to install wordpress plugin guide.

Once you are done with plugin installation, next step is to activate it and configure it accordingly. Now one thing that you require here is your unique google analytics ID that can be found after logging into google analytics account, it will look something similar to (UA-36468661-1).

Copy this code and go to Settings > Google analytics page options in your wordpress admin panel. There you will have to paste in your google analytics ID that you just copied and click on Save Settings.

That is it, the plugin will make sure that google analytics is integrated to each and every page of your site. Now each and every visit of visitor will be accounted into statistics by the google analytics.


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