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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Google Panda Update: Strictly Focusing on Quality Content

google panda updates
Google is struggling hard improving its algorithm to improve the quality of content that appears in SERP (search engine result page). This provides user with great quality content in terms of fresh content, accurate information, precise focus, interesting topic, and the content value. So here are the requirements to produce content on Google standards. I have distributed the content into questions and points so that it will be easy for you to follow.

Think for a while. When you read something online. Consider yourself an examiner.
Do you expect the information present in the article is from an authentic source or not? If you can’t really figure out then the good way is to search for the same information from different online resources.

  • Are you willing to believe and trust what’s being said?
  • Is the author trustworthy enough to agree with his words? 
  • Is the author an expert in his/her field who knows well about the topic? 
  • After you read the article does it really helped what you were looking for? If you are an expert too in the same field you will immediately identify the accuracy being delivered by the topic. 
  • What rating are you willing to assign to the author? 
  • Never compromise with Grammatical and Spelling mistakes, use word processing program to spell check your article. Avoid factual errors, hunt for stylistic mistakes and before publishing do proof reading a couple of times. Ask your friend to proof read for you. 
  • Does the article serve original information?
  • In SERP if you compare the topic between multiple sites what do you think which site adds more value to it. 
  • Does the content have enough details to satisfy your needs?
  •  Is it lacking in helpful specifications? 
  • Does the page have excessive amount of ads which is destroying the user experience? 
  • Are the ads placed to trick users?
  •  Is the main content being interfered with ads?
  • After reading the article are you willing to share it with your friends and to bookmark for future reference? 
  • Would you like to see the page in magazines and books? 


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