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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How to Create a Post in Wordpress

A post is the core substance of any blog and it also serves as a great tool to provide updates and news items  for websites.WordPress has a built in functionality to create a post, manage a post and publishing post and it is easiest platform for making posts and editing it. Most of the core functionality found in a post is also be found in a page. Therefore there is a large overlap how things works so that the user can get more time to figure things out and have more time spends for writing great material for the web.

You can create a New Post in WordPress in a several different ways. Both from the WordPress backend and also toolbar. From your Left Menu Bar click Post and you can on the Post Panel of WordPress. Click Add new and you can direct to Add New Post Page.

Like it says ' Enter Title Here ' so enter the title of you post. When you type the title of your post you can get the Permalink of your post. You can edit it by click edit button and enter URL name as you want. After it you have area for your post content. Here you can write whatever you want and also you have lots of options to customization your content like adding h1,h2,h3 tags, bold button, underline button, italic button, inline text and much more to customization your text in a beautiful manners.

Once you done writing your post you want to either published it or save it as a Draft. This is done in the Published panel appear at your Right side.

As you see you have the option of Save Draft, Preview and Publish. You can also move your post to Trash box and even you move the Post into Trash box you can retrieve it later or If you save it as a Draft you can published it later. 

You can also schedule it if you want to. If you done with your Post then first Preview your post to know how your post look like live on the web server. So click Preview and optimization your post. The final step is to Click Publish Button to make your post actual live on the web server.

There are many other options and customization in WordPress Post panel. In the top toolbar you fine ' Screen Option ' click it.

When you click it you can more options like ( Click the image below to Resize it )

Now scroll down the bottom of your post panel and you get the options of Excerpt post, comments on/off and chose author etc. 

In Your Post Content Area you have another option on 'HTML' beside Visual where you see the HTML version of your content that means the code only version of your content. Here you can placed your HTML codes, Banners HTML code as you want. Here keep in mind if your put HTML code or any other codes instead of text in Visual tab then it look appears as a text and it Visual panel never encoded that code. So if you want to put code then you have to go HTML tab. 

Knowing how to quickly start the post in WordPress is going to save your lots of time and efforts. One of the key component for running a website these days is to keep fresh content and WordPress makes every effort to make that happen for you. 


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