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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Embedding Videos in Wordpress

Embedding Videos in Wordpress
One of the main reasons blogs and other social media are so successful and why it change all the web and media landscape is the ability to share and embedded content from one site into other and few sites like YouTube is the main source of sharing and uploaded videos from all around the globe. Find the video you like and you can placed it right own your own side by just copying the html embed code.

Embedded content from the sites like YouTube is very easy but it just required the html view in your post content page and in latest WordPress version it also included beside Visual Tab.

Step 1 : First step to Upload Video in YouTube or any-other video sharing website like or or if you willing to already uploaded video then move to Step 2.

Step 2 : Go to Add New Post and Write a Title for your Video and if you want to show some description then write it in your post content box.

Step 3 : If you have a specific Category for video then check that category from Category Box.

Step 4 : Now go to video sharing website, here we use YouTube for this Tutorial.

Step 5 : Now Click Share and Then chose Embed. You get the HTML code for this specific Video. You want Also change the Video Size upto your Requirement. Now copy the HTML code.

Step 6 : Now goto your Post and select HTML tab and paste that code there.

Step 7 : Now all done. Publish the post and you will see the video in your post. The same procedure is used with any video sharing website.


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