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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

How to Install Wamp for Wordpress

Throughout this course you will learn how to run WordPress locally on your computer using the BitNami WordPress. If you want to you can also do the same process using the Wamp server and the WordPress instead it produces the exactly same results and it is just the simple application.

WAMP stands for Windows Apache MySQL PHP. Apache MySQL and PHP are the three component the required to run on WordPress. Apache is the web server environment and MySQL is the database that contain contents and PHP is the programming language on which WordPress run it.

We have to do it in two process, firstly we have to install WAMP server on the computer and then we have to install WordPress under that WAMP server installation. In the tutorial you have install WAMP server.

How to Install WAMP server in your Computer

To install WAMP server Go to the WAMP server website i-e and click Downloads.  Here you find the latest version of WAMP server just download it and then Install it. Click next and then check Term of agreements and install it on default directly that might be your C:// drive. Click next and then install.

Depending on you computer it takes some time and when the installation is almost done WAMP will ask you what is the default browser. Firefox is better than other browser so install Firefox first and then chose it as a default browser for WAMP and next write you name and Email address and its finished.

How to Run WAMP server in Computer

Now WAMP server is running on your computer. It appears down here in the system tray and when you click on it you get the menu. In this menu we have the couple of options, first of you can turn WAMP server on and off by clicking ' Put Online Button ' and when you click this button you can now run both Apache and PHP and MySQL.As you can see when the WAMP server is on the icon changes and if you want to turn it off simply click on ' Put Offline Button '. 


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