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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

How to Install Wordpress using WAMP on Local Host

Once you have install WAMP server in your computer you are basically done with the setup a computer as a standard web server with the MySQL Database attached it. That means when you want to install WordPress in your computer under WAMP you do the exact same process like if you want to install WordPress in a external web host server like Hostgator, Godaddy and etc.

How to create Database for WordPress using WAMP

The other important thing you need to know is if you click the WAMP menu and chose PHP my admin you go to PHP my admin site from the WAMP server. This is what the administrator and databases and since you going to setting up WordPress on your computer you need to create and Database for WordPress.

You can simply create a Database by going to ' Create new Database ' and named it WordPress and clicking create. Now your Database is created and you will appear on the left side of you PHP my admin Database panel and thats only we need to do to get started.

The first step is to go to and download WordPress and save the file. When the WordPress is downloaded Go to WordPress download location and extract the .rar or .zip file archive. Now you need to grab the content within the zip archive and drag and drop it in a WAMP server folder. To find the folder for your WAMP server simple go down to your system tray and click on the WAMP icon and click on www directory.

This is the location where your live site WAMP server lives and this is where you want to add WordPress. First delete the index file that already placed in the directory and then drag and drop the entire files and folders that you get when you extract the WordPress archive download from

Setting up wp-config sample for WordPress Database

When you copy and paste all the files and folder lets look for a file name ' wp-config sample ', here you need to open this file and add information so that it can linked to MySQL server that we create earlier. Open the file in the text editor and open it in Notepad++.

Scroll down until you find the entries that listed below in the image below. Please be careful because this is the very very important and main steps to run WordPress database and you have to follow the things in an appropriate manners.

Step 1 : First find the following line

 define ( ' DB_NAME ', ' database_name_here ' );

As you know we select the database name ' wordpress ' when we create Database in PHP my admin. Now replaced database_name_here to wordpress. When you donw it should be look like

 define ( ' DB_NAME ', 'wordpress' );

Step 2 : Fine the following line

/** MySQL database username */
 define ( ' DB_USER ', ' username_here ' );

Here remove username_here and write root. When done it must be look like

/** MySQL database username */

 define ( ' DB_USER ', 'root' );

Step 3 : Find the following line

/** MySQL database password */
 define ( ' DB_PASSWORD ', ' password_here ' );

Here remove password_here and when you done it look like

/** MySQL database password */
 define ( ' DB_PASSWORD ', '' );

Now the whole setup what we want. Now save the file by going to file and click save file as and name it wp-config.php and click save now we should be all done. Close Notepad++

Go down to your system tray and put WAMP server online and chose localhost. If everything is fine you will get the screen as below

Now fill the form and click Install WordPress button. Now when you click Login you can get the below screen. 

Now logged in your WordPress account.and you can get the WordPress backend successfully. You have successfully installed WordPress in your localhost.

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