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Friday, 1 March 2013

How Wordpress Works?

Wordpress comes in two flavors the cloud hosted service and self hosted service that you get from With cloud hosting you can create a website in place of servers and you can manage everything from there.

Self hosted wordpress server

In self hosting you can download wordpress and install it on your own web server. Throughout this covers you will cover both and the self hosted option. You first learn about and walk through all the features to see how far you can push it and then finally you will have enable to build your own website.

When we reach the end of the possible tutorials, we will move on to wordpress self hosting through Here you first install wordpress on our computer by using the application that pacifically for that purpose and to start building your own website in wordpress self hosted option.

Whats inside in our Wordpress Tutorials 

Then you publish that website to an external web host and then live on the internet and push wordpress far as can go. This course is assign to be progressive so you can start from the beginning and then walk in entire course and you can get the complete walk through with every option and functionality both in and the self hosted option.

However each individual chapter are stand alone and if you need specific article or you are not a beginner but need some new help then you can use the search option in our website to get your specific topic.  


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