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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Image Formatting in Wordpress

Images are the great tool to live in content in your text and pages inside your post or pages. WordPress offers several different ways of storing, sourcing and including the images in your post and also gives you a great flexibility when it comes to deciding how those images will be displayed within the content of that post.

To start learn about how to upload and manage images in WordPress content post area you have some images on your computer. First of we need a post and for this go to New Post button and add some text in your content area.

When you have text in your content area and you want to upload image click Add Media button or Upload / insert button

Here placed your cursor where you want to show your image in your post. When you click Add Media button you have some options available for you. 

Here you have Many Options like

  • Upload single Image inside your Post
  • Upload images to create a Gallery
  • Upload Image for set as Featured Image
  • Insert previously uploaded image from Media Library
Now chose the options as per need. By default it is Insert Media option has been selected. Click Select File and browse the file from your Computer and click Open and it gets uploaded in WordPress automatically. Once your image has been successfully uploaded you have more options to customize it. 

In the Title field Name the title of your Uploaded Image.

In the Caption field, Name the Caption of your Image as you want.

Alt Text field is very important and always use the Keyword in your Alt text of your image.

Give detailed Description of your image in description field.

Next to it Give Alignment to your image as you need. You can placed your image at Left, Right, Center side of your text. Also if you select None from Alignment option then there is no text shown beside the image and all text will show below the image.

Select the Size of the image as per requirement.

Once you placed image in your post content you have also a option to make more changes on it. Click the image placed in your content area and you found two option on the image.

Click your image and then click Edit Image option and you get another panel.

Here you have more option to resizing your images and Alignment. Click Advanced Settings to select border of your image and Open it in New Window option. You are done now. 


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