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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Importance of Anchor Text (a href) Tags for SEO

What exactly is an anchor text?

Anchor text is a fancy name for the words contained in the clickable part of a link. While you often see call to action words like "Click Here" or "More info" as linked anchor texts, that's not usually the best use of it. Anchor text is important to SEO because it tells people and search engines what the page they're about to click on is all about. Use it to succinctly describe the resulting page.

Often it makes sense to use in important keyword phrase within your anchor text. Search engines put a lot of weight on anchor texts so be sure to use your keyword phrases accordingly. Let's see what the anchor texts looks like in the source code of the page. We can do that by clicking on "View" and then "Page Source" of the browser or press Ctrl+U as a shortcut. Here is the anchor text word within the a href tags as indicated in the image below:

Select Descriptive Anchor texts for web pages

These are also called to action links within the page itself. You have control within your website to describe each page that you're pointing people to, by using the best keyword phrase possible through out the use of your anchor text. Make sure you write these as descriptively as you can since they're very important to your overall SEO implementation.


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