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Sunday, 10 March 2013

How to Import and Export Content

If you have a fully functional WordPress site running live on the web but you have no content and now you need to move content from your computer in to the web host. Now you are thinking about using copy and paste but well, WordPress puts all the contents in MySQL database and all you need to do is export a content from the database of your computer and Important into the database on the web version.

How to Import Content in WordPress site

To Import Content in your WordPress site from other sources Go to your Dashboard and click Tool > Import. 

Now chose the Portal type where you want to import the content from. WordPress supports eight types of different portals from which you can import content. Install the portal type from where you want to Import contents and then upload the file. WordPress can automatically merged content in MySQL database without any error.

How to Export Content in WordPress site

First Go to the Dashboard of your WordPress site then click Tools from the menu and click Export and here you can select what you want to Export.

Here you can export all the content, or chose specific content of your site such as posts and pages. When you export content, then the file build is an XML file and you can transfer all the content to another wordpress site by just uploading the XML file.


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