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Monday, 18 March 2013

Enhance WordPress Login security by adding secret Keys

wordpress login security
In this tutorials you will learn about improving the security of WordPress for user login Process by adding a set of secret keys to the site configuration file that is wp-config.php. This is an important step designed by WordPress team to better secure your site.

Go to your web hosting cpanel and then WordPress installation folder and open wp-config.php and scroll down just beneath the database credentials towards ' Authentication Unique Keys and Salts '.

Here you can see freshly installed WordPress doesn't provide any of the secret keys so you need to add up our own. The more random and complicated is better. The quickest and easiest way to generate strong keys values is to visit WordPress own secret keys service. Click on the following link:

and then copy and paste the entire block of code and return to your configuration file and just paste it over the default code and save the file. Of course you don't wanna use the example keys shown here but the whole idea is to specify your own unique phrases to improve login security. 

Its totally fine to replace these keys anytime for any reason but the worse thing happen is to currently login users will need to logged in again.

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Extra security is worth minor and inconvenient but after this tutorial you will learn about extra security and manage your login process in a secure way. This functionality is built in to WordPress by default but you need to able it by adding your own set of unique secret keys.


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