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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

How to Increase Search Engine Visibility in Wordpress

The true challenge is not building a website or even producing contents for it but rather getting people to find it and read it. In web design and development circles, the term Find-ability is becoming very important. The web is filled with contents and the true challenge is to get your site to cut through the noise and reach your targeted audience. One of the main reason for using WordPress is by its natural build to be found.

Search engine pretty like WordPress sites and with some extra tweaks you can automatically increase your search engine ranking and ensure your site can be discovered as one of those gems on the web. Search Engine Optimization or SEO in WordPress centers around two things.

  1. Turn On WordPress search engine visibility 
  2. Setting up the right updates services 

Enable WordPress search engine visibility 

Lets looks towards update services first. First of when we setup a site we turn off the search engine Find-ability  You can find these option at Dashboard > Settings > Reading where you find these options.

Here we already turn on search engine visibility so bot from Google, Yahoo, Bing can index our site and contents in their search engines. If you turn off this option then no bot will enter your site. When you are done with formatting and layout of your newly created website then always keep this option on for better search engines results.

Setting up the WordPress Updates services

The last and simple step is to pinging your newly created contents. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Writing and scroll down the cursor and you will find this option at the end 

An update service is the service that tracks whats going on in your website so every time you do a change in your website like you posted a posts, page or make a change that service is told that something happened and the service will turn to tell search engine about the change. By default you only have one update service but WordPress actually offers a whole sets of different services that you can use. The list of those services are easily to find. Below is the list of pinging services.

Just copy the entire list and paste it in the Update services box and click Save Settings. Now you have a long list of different updating services that will all be notified whenever you make a change in your site and this means that Google and other search engines will know that the change was made on your site.


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