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Saturday, 9 March 2013

How to install Plugins in Wordpress

how to install plugins in wordpress
One of the many advantages to having a self hosted WordPress website site is the ability to extend the functionality of the site using plugins. Plugins come with all size and shapes and you can do everything like adding widgets to your sidebar or adding best slider plugin to change the entire functionality of the site. Plugins are developed by WordPress experts who want to extend and simplify the functionality of WordPress.

Installing Plugins in WordPress use to be a hassle but in more versions of WordPress that functionality has been build right in the admin panel. Now when you find a plugin you like, you can install it via your Dashboard. To install a new plugin you have to go to plugins configuration page by clicking Plugin in menu bar.

To add a New Plugin in your WordPress site you can simply click add new and you move on to WordPress installer plugin page.

Here you can search plugins for your site or you can find the plugin and upload it manually. Lets search a most used WordPress plugin name " All in One SEO " and hit enter. 

Here you see there is your search result. You can see the rating of this plugin which is excellent. If you want to install the plugin click Install Now > and when it successfully install in your host then click Activate.

If you have plugin files or you own a customized WordPress plugin then you can use Upload button appears in the top. You can browse plugin from your computer and install it in a same manners. 

You can also Deactivate the installed plugins from the Plugin menu. Go to Plugin > Installed Plugin and you see list of Activated, Inactivated plugin. Grab your cursor on the plugin you want to deactivate and click Deactivate simply. 

A good rule of thumb with all the plugins is if you have a live website always test a plugin on the local installation of wordpress on your local computer first. Just to make sure it doesn't crash anything else. Never install too much plugins for the same things because it can conflict each other. 

Plugins are great in simple way for adding functionality to your site and there are thousands and thousands of free and premium plugins available out there and chances are there are plugins with exact functionality already available that you are looking for.


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