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Saturday, 9 March 2013

How to Install Theme in Wordpress

how to install theme in wordpress
WordPress makes it easy to create content for the web but most importantly it enables you to change the look and layout of that content literary by just activating a preferred theme.It is possible to easily switch through themes installed, but only one theme can remain activated at one time. Upon activation of a theme, wordpress automatically deactivates the previous theme that was implemented and activated. This is done by a theme function which makes WordPress nearly perfect in the separation between style and content. To see how this work click on Appearance > Themes

Here you see the already published themes and list of uploaded themes. When you Google WordPress themes you can find ultimate list of paid and free themes for WordPress. WordPress has its own free collection of themes and that can be found on thir official website i-e

Follow the steps below to learn complete procedure to Install WordPress theme on your site.

Step 1 : Download the theme of your choice in your computer

Step 2 : Then Go to Appearance > Themes > and click Install Themes > Upload 

Step 3 : Browse the downloaded theme and then click Upload

Step 4 : If theme is properly uploaded then you will be able to have this screen

Step 5 : Activate the theme and you are done.

Now that the theme has been activated, depending upon the theme uploaded, it might have a theme options/configuration panel that in most cases appears under appearance tab or it might create a separate tab. Again it depends upon the uploaded theme that it might or might not contain theme configuration/settings page. Normally configuration/settings panel is always available for the premium themes are uploaded and activated. 

WordPress has prepackaged themes for sites and if your further want, you can create your own custom theme or get it built by hiring a developer to create a custom theme for you. WordPress gives almost infinite possibilities to make a full flexible and customize-able site for yourself. Themes controls what your WordPress site look like so when you want to change the Appearance of your site the first step is usually to change the theme. There is a great resource of themes available which trend premium paid themes as well as free themes that are easy to implement in a wordpress site.

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