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Sunday, 10 March 2013

How to Install Worpdress on Web Hosting Server

how to install wordpress on web hosting
In this tutorial you will learn how to install WordPress site on Hostgator or any other web host service by using cpanel. First you need to get a web hosting provider, for that according to our experience Hostgator can an ideal choice for web hosting service because it has excellent support and reasonable rates.

First purchase a Web hosting plan on Hostgator according to your requirements. You can use the discount coupon by clicking on the Banner below. We recommend you to Purchase Hostgator Baby Plan because you can add as many sites as you want.

After you are doin with your purchase, Hostgator will email you the Passwords of your web host service, You can Login to your account by using the following type of URL. Here "yousite" means the URL of your website:


For example lets say I own, then I can access my hostgator panel on the following URL:


In particular we have to setup MySQL server so that all our contents are stored there. If you are using Hostgator then your Cpanel will look like this

Step 1 : How to Add a Domain in Cpanel

Here you observe there are several icons pointed out in red. These icons are used for adding sites in your web host and installation of WordPress. Here keep in mind wherever we use yoursitename, this means we are referring to your site's URL.

Click Addon Domains icon, Once you have clicked it, you will be able to see the following settings panel:

  • In New Domain Name : write the URL of your website.
  • In Subdomain/FTP username : Write yoursitename
  • In Domain Root : Write public_html/
  • Use Password Generator and copy that password in any notepad file in your computer
  • Click Add Domain
If everything goes smooth, then you will see the following message. 

Step 2 : How to create a MySQL database for WordPress in Cpanel

Now You have to create a MySQL database for your site to save your contents and other web details.

Click on MySQL Database Wizard in your Cpanel
  • Chose Name for your Database and click Next
  • Chose Username for your Database and then chose Password. It is highly recommended that you use Password Generator for creating strong password.
  • Click Create User

Now Save the User, Database name and Password in your computer for future usage. Click All Privileges and click Next Step.

Step 3 : How to Install WordPress for web hosted sites

  • Go to and Download the Latest WordPress version.
  • Then Go to your Hostgator cpanel account and click File Manager
  • Chose your site and open it.
  • Here you can see there is only one folder named cgi-bin in it
  • Now click Upload and Chose the WordPress file you downloaded from
  • When it successfully uploads in your Cpanel, select it and click Extract

  • Now Refresh the Page and You see there are three files now.
  • Open the file name WordPress and select all files in it and then right click and chose Move.

Here you have to remove wordpress so that all files are moved in root directory of your domain. 

Step 4 : How to Add MySQL database in wp-config.php

The Last is step to configure MySQL database that was created earlier in wp-config.php . Find the file named wp-config-sample.php and open it up using a Code editor.

Now add the database name, username, and password that was created earlier in their appropriate fields.

When you are done, click Save Changes

Again find the file name wp-config-sample.php and right click on it and then chose Rename

Rename the file as wp-config.php. When it's done, you have successfully setup WordPress site online on your hosting server and it is live in front of the whole world.


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