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Friday, 1 March 2013

Introduction to Wordpress

To start of this course let me answer some simple questions, What is WordPress? WordPress is an open source application that originally assign to creates blogs. Using WordPress you can assign anything from the simple blog to an advanced website and you can do so by using which is the cloud hosted service or you can install WordPress on your own server and host it on their.

Wordpress is created by a guy name Matt Mullenweg and it has its own Wordpress blog

Whats inside in our WordPress tutorials 

Here you can read about what he is doing and more importantly you can see what important WordPress is. As you can see this is a standard blog that output the lots of contents and you can read their and click around  and it also contains pages for more information.

But WordPress doesn't have to be just the blog it can do pretty much things that you want. A lots of magazines used WordPress because this is an easy way to organizing contents and you can style it and make it look pretty much whatever you want.

Basic features of WordPress 

WordPress provides latest and updated features and plugins like Facebook box, advertising areas, lots of navigational tools to make your website more user friendly and attractive. That's said you don't want really have to stream of conciseness blog structure to your site. WordPress is not only look like a blog but it also provides anything according to your taste.

As you progress in this course, you will learn about lots of interesting features like a switchable headings and different templates. Not only easy to build content in WordPress but more importantly managing the content is very easy through WordPress dashboard.

WordPress admin panel

The WordPress dashboard is something like and also on your self hosted websites and if you want to just want to set up the basic website and you have no idea to any type of web design and web development you can set up the WordPress website and you never have to worry about the code. WordPress ships with a full administrator panel that appears inside your browser. 

So all you have to do is to activate WordPress and settle up, and then you can manage all content like new posts, new pages, manage photos and videos from admin panel. That means you don't have to counsel about the upload and download files and manage HTML and CSS codes, you simply work with very easy work panel. This is the true string of WordPress, easy, user friendly for everyone. Anyone can setup the WordPress website and anyone can work with Wordpress. 


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