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Friday, 15 March 2013

How to keep your wordpress site updated

updating wordpress site
An important step in securing your WordPress site is keeping things current and up to date. Running an upto date WordPress ensures that your site is bug free with security patches and runs on new features. In WordPress there are three things that should be always kept current an updated:

  • Core Files
  • Plugins
  • Themes 
By default WordPress lets you know when it is time to update any of these three items. When its time to update WordPress itself You will be able to see the famous update bar appearing at the top of every page admin area. Even if you click on the Post menu or Comments menu the update notification is still there all around your admin Dashboard unless you actually upgrade wordpress to the latest version. 

To begin the process Click on Please Update Now button and review your options. Its important to make a good backup before the upgrade and then you have the option of Update Automatically or downloading the current version for manual upgrade. 

Like wise when a plugin update is available the Plugins admin panel will give you notifications in plugin sections. Scrolling down through the plugins page and you can see which plugins are available and you should see the link of next available update to Update automatically and here you also have option of upgrade manually.

Like wise when a theme updates is available similar update reminder will available appear in the admin area and the Dashboard updates. Click on Dashboard > Updates and here you see the new versions of WordPress updates, Themes and Plugins. If there are multiple themes then they are also listed on updates page. Ready for easy bot updates for your commands. 

So those of you who visit WordPress login area on regular basis, these reminder definitely helps to stay current. But not so much when you rarely visit admin area without seeing these messages you never know the new version about update plugins and themes is available your site may be unnecessary left at risk first.

Fortunately the handy little called update notifier can mentioned in the tab of themes,plugin and other options. Click on Plugins page here you see update notifier installed and here some plugins have functions like when an update will available they can send you mail about new features of bug fixes. 

Lastly a great way to keep up your WordPress site eye on thing is to check the Dashboard feeds. If they are now showing then click Screen option from the toolbar  and enable them and close the screen option and you can see that news and feed appearing at the main screen of your WordPress Dashboard. This information is a great way to current breaking news and its only a click away in the WordPress admin.

Remember staying current with themes, plugins and WordPress itself helps keep your site from potential threats and malwares and by showing visual reminder at the admin area WordPress makes an easy to stay current when updates available. 


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