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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Keyword Research: Important Factor of SEO

keyword research
Keyword research is the cornerstone to your SEO program, because it doesn't do your website any good if you optimize it for keywords that nobody searching for it in the search engines.

Keywords are not actually single words, but groups of words or phrases. They are really just the search queries people might use to find the information on your website. The idea is to find out what those keywords are. Keyword research is key because people type keywords into a search engines search box to try to fill their needs. The search engines goal is to show the best pages to those people. That is the page is they think have exactly what the searchers are looking for. If that searcher needs what you offer, you want your page to be one of those which the search engines redeem the best.

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Keyword Research Tools

wordtrackerSo knowing which keywords your target audience types into search engines is critical. Luckily there are keyword research tools that provide us with this information. Here are three of the more popular keyword research tools on the internet. There's Word Tracker at

Keyword Discovery at and then there is Google's keyword tool. I like the Google keyword tool and it's basically the one we use exclusively now. You can get that straight from Google, it works quickly and accurately and it's free.


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