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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

New Features in Wordpress 3.6

Recently wordpress 3.5.1 was released which cleared up a number of bugs that were faced by many wordpress users after the release of wordpress version 3.5. Now lets have some analysis on new features of wordpress 3.6

Improvements in wordpress 3.6

Here are some key points that have been upgraded in the new release of Wordpress 3.6

Better Post, Page Editing Experience

Wordpress 3.6 will be providing more flexibility to the administrators who tend to edit post and pages in terms of extra added features such as "Post Lock". 

Post Lock is an amazing feature specially when a wordpress site has more than one administrators. Lets say if one admin is currently writing a post, the other admin wants to edit the same posts on which the work is being done, then wordpress will notify the second admin who is willing to edit the post with a warning message that says "Other Person is Currently Editing" and will have two option below it:

  • Take Over
  • Go Back 
One can either take over, or go back to the previous page. Taking over will send a notification to the first person editing the post that he has been take over by another person.

Post, Page Auto-save functionality Improvement

Wordpress 3.6 aims to provide improved and better administrative experience overall therefore the auto save feature will will now be storing unsaved posts or pages data into local storage. This seems to be great because earlier, wordpress users feared about their unsaved data being lost. Therefore they used third party plugins such as Windows Live Writer to make sure their work does not become a waste. The plus point here is that there wont be a need to install an extra plugin now that wordpress 3.6 has a built-in feature itself that makes it more strong content management system.

Improvements in Post Revisions feature

In the older version of wordpress, there was no capability to actually toggle between the changes that were made between two revisions of a post. Therefore It was quite difficult for wordpress administrators to know what changes they made in between the two revisions, but now a new feature has been added that shows clear-cut differences between the two revisions that are being compared.

Improved Post Editor User Interface

The posts editor user interface was not much user friendly as it had small icons of images, hyper-linking and other icons of tools that help in building up posts. Several wire-frame designs have been suggested by people. Therefore wordpress 3.6 will surely be much user friendly as compared to older versions of wordpress.

Twenty Thirteen Wordpress Theme 

Wordpress 3.6 has Twenty thirteen theme included in the package. You can see the live demo of twenty thirteen theme here. We know that internet is making a great progress as more advanced web technologies are being introduced day by day. Therefore there is a new revolution that has taken over the world of internet. Keeping in view the latest designing trends of site, twenty thirteen is a good choice that can compete  with other sites on the web.

Improved Login Notifications

In the older version of wordpress, it happened at times when an administrator was dealing with something important in the backend of site, while the session got expired, which caused the loss of work as wordpress redirected the admin to the login page of the site with a notification that he needs to login in order to access the backend. But this problem has been solved with wordpress 3.6 as it prompts administrator to login via pop-up box if the session gets expired instead of redirecting him to the login page entirely. This nice feature will surely be of great help.


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