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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Most Popular Google Web Fonts List

Best google web fonts list
Google web fonts are being integrated by a great number of sites as there has been a dramatic change in the designs of webpages as web development proceeds. That is because Google web fonts are not only cool but provide more professional look to sites. The Plus point is that they are easy to integrate. You may already know the process of integrating google fonts else you may learn it within a matter of minutes.

List of Most popular Google Web Fonts

There has been a popularity choice in almost every aspect of things where the most selective ones are called the best. For example, everyone would go for the best car in the world if they have chance to make a selection from a set of cars. Important thing is that one should know about the best one to make a perfect decision. Same is the case when it comes to selecting a best Google font for your website. It is possible to integrate multiple google fonts, but I wont recommend that because that might slow the web page performance which is not our intention.

1) Open Sans

Open Sans has been the font that has taken over the first position in the list of the best that has 10 styles included.

2) Oswald

The second most popular google font is Oswald with three different styles. It is rather a bold font that can be elegant when used in headings and title.

 3) Droid Sans

Droid Sans comes in the third position in the list of best fonts which has two styles.

4) Open Sans Condensed

Open Sans condensed is a variation of the open sans font, yet another popular one. It has three styles

5) Lato

Lato is yet another popular google font with ten different styles.

6) PT Sans

PT Sans is from the family of Sans font with variation in the typography with four different styles

7) Droid Serif

Droid serif is yet another elegant google web font with about four styles.

8) Yanone Kaffeesatz

Yanone Kaffeesatz can be a great choice as a web font to integrate into a site.

Google Web fonts can be added to make a personal collection of fonts which can then be used instantly as required. Anyhow the main thing to keep in mind is that the typography of any web font chosen should look perfect and match with the site's design and layout. Now that you have the best collection of web fonts, you might not be a designer yourself who has an great eye of combinations but still you can be successful by testing out different variations and implement what seems the best because remember, a great look of your site can not only keep your visitor engaged but will help you decrease the bounce rate of your site and also help you attain a great number of readership.


  1. Where do you get the info this are the most populair fonts?

    1. Dear Willem, this is the list of Best Google fonts as per Google's rating itself.


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