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Monday, 4 March 2013

Local Environment Setup for Wordpress with BitNami

One of the services that helps you to install WordPress on your PC and Mac is BitNami. BitName used rather then other services including WAMP because it is easier to manage and pretty much easy to install. To install a BitNami WordPress stack in you computer you have to install latest BitNami version from their official website i-e Here keep in mind install native version of BitNami.

You see there are lots of open source applications that BitNami supports but select only WordPress here and then you have a option of what type of operating system you used. Here you have a Windows version, Linux, and also two for Mac one is for Intel processor and one is for Power PC processor. Click what is perfect for you and then download and if you used Window 7 then open the download file as " Run as Administrator ".

How to Install BitNami WordPress stack 

BitNami is a very complicated application and therefore it takes a very long time in the setup screen so just be patience and wait once it appears and normally it takes more then 5 minutes for loading setup. Once you in the setup click next and then you see BitNami tells you what the application you need to install for BitNami Wordpress but you dont have to worry about it because it actually been installed by BitNami.

Click Next and chose the location where you want to install BitNami but recommended setting is install it in your system drive that might be your C:// Drive. The next window ask you admin creation this is because you are installing WordPress and WordPress wouldn't be installed without having a user define. So here you define admin user for this account.

So this is not important as important if you are working online but you still fill the form with appropriate information so chose login name, password and email address to retrieve password and click Next.

Hostname for BitNami WordPress stack

Now select the Blog name and you can also change it later and here the more importantly the Host name. Now the Host name is kind of a tricky because you have starting running a website with your computer by using Local host and here you have to define exactly. In Hostname field type ' Local Host ' and in that way you can access you BitNami WordPress whenever you Go to Localhost/WordPress on your computer and endup with BitNami WordPress stack.

Click Next and the installation begins this can takes some times and when it done make sure you check the Launch BitNami WordPress stack check and click Finished. If everything works away suppose too you are now going to directly BitNami WordPress stack. So it that way you can set a virtual self Host Website with a Local host in your computer.


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