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Monday, 4 March 2013

Local Server Testing Environments for Wordpress

Lets setup a self host WordPress in Local host in you computer to learn and understand about the main points of self host WordPress blog. Because WordPress required a web host to work first install an application that computer pretend to work as a web host. To do that we actually have a several different options depending upon a use.

Local host applications for Self host WordPress

The first option is BitNami WordPress stack and this is one you are going to use in our tutorials. The BitNami WordPress stack works on both Windows and Mac and Linux and comes with WordPress already included so it is very easy to install and manage.

Second option is Windows PC it is used WAMP and WordPress and first you install WAMP server first and then install WordPress under it. Its a very popular application and it works exactly the same thing as BitNami it just separating between WAMP and WordPress.

The third option is for people using a Mac and it exactly the same as WAMP work except it for the WAMP.  So again if the WAMP server running on the Macintosh and then you have to install WordPress in addition.

You also have two other options called XAMPP which is cross platform version of WAMP that runs only on Mac, Windows and also Linux and then you have LAMP which is used for Linux.

In our tutorials you learn self host WordPress in BitNami because it is the easiest but you can use WAMP and XAMPP if you want to but make use you can also use one of them at the same time.

If you use both BitNami and WAMP you can get error and troubles. Keep in mind self host WordPress site can gives you complete control and everything on your website like content, themes, plugins, functionality and it requires more management and things looking from you.


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