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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Making Blog With Wordpress

Once you have an account in you can start setting up websites and blogs and you can setup several sites all which can be access through one account. These websites are highly customizable and apart of the web address and URL you can change all the information of you site later.

How to retrieve password in WordPress 

So you don't to Fred over getting everything perfect righout the gate. To create a new website go to and login. If you forget your username or password WordPress actually have a option for you. Click Lost your password icon and enter your username or email address to retrieve your password. You can get an email from WordPress to setup your new password.

After login to your WordPress account you can see the options of My Accounts, My Blog, My Subscriptions. Now first thing to setup your new blog. This is the same process you will used if you already have a blog and you want to add another one.

How to create a new blog in WordPress

Go to the address bar here and open and hit enter. Now you are taking to the page to create a new blog. Here you have to setup a bunch of information of your blog like Blog Domain name, Blog Title, Language, Privacy.

The blog domain is the URL to your blog. This is the one time deal and if you misspelled something here that gonna be your URL forever so its important to set these field very carefully. There is also a lots of blog that already created by that may have the name you want. When you complete the form click create Blog. After it you can get the domain from


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