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Friday, 15 March 2013

Top Social Media sites

List of Most Popular Social Media Sites

top social media sites
Social media has become popular now since a couple of years and has become a vital power tool for website owners to not only spread their content rather make it go viral. A while back, people aimed to receive traffic from search engines named as organic traffic but now the trends look different with the evolution of social media. There have been many social media sites that have been developed and have grown largely with massive improvements in their traffic graphs. Most popular ones include Facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest,google plus,youtube, instagram.


facebook logo
Facebook is ranked second most visited website worldwide. It's presence has brought a new revolution in the world of internet. Therefore promotion of a site through facebook can be of great benefit. It is one of the instant ways of receiving free traffic. Moreover targeted people can also be researched and reached inside facebook.


twitter logo
Twitter is another most popular social media site that is used by millions of users worldwide. People tend to update their statuses, share photos and retweet a status. There are many celebrities that have their official twitter account, hence people remain in touch with them every minute by following their superstars.


pinterest logo
Pinterest is yet another social media site but we may assume it like an image sharing platform because one can create new boards and pin images on them which are then share around with people. Capabilities such as liking a pin promotes it, hence more likes a pin receives, more viral it goes.

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linkedin logo
Linkedin is social media platform that connects professionals around the globe. People can easily create their profiles and add their work experiences as well as qualification level and other relevant details. There is a vast cloud of opportunities for different people who are experts in their particular fields, because all the professionals are kept under one roof. Also one can simply share links with the people in network, as well as any useful information and innovative ideas. 


youtube logo
Youtube is also most popular social media sites which only deals with video sharing. People can simply create an account with youtube, upload their video and share it with the whole world. Youtube is the biggest online videos portal that contains millions of videos uploaded by different users. Videos that contain humor, movie trailers, television serials, songs and many other types of videos are categorized accordingly. 

Google Plus

google plus logo
Google plus is another great platform that connects people socially. Now that google plus is becoming more and more popular, a great number of people are joining the network. Also there has been a massive growth in google plus communities and pages. Local businesses can easily be promoted via google plus. The one thing that makes google plus seperate from other social media sites is that it is owned by google, hence a post that is recommended on google plus, literally comes top in search engine result page too.

The main purpose of these social media sites are to keep people connected with their loved ones every moment so that despite having great miles of distances they can feel themselves living together virtually.


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