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Monday, 4 March 2013

Opening Wordpress on Localhost

WordPress is a server based content management system and in simple terms is a software application on a web server that means the core apps are running on the app and the host are regular servers and the content is hosting on a Database in MySQL.

To run WordPress nativity on your computer the BitNami can setup a virtual WordPress to run the application itself and also a virtual database to run the database. So when you navigate your BitNami WordPress stack your computer spins the both WordPress web server and the MySQL database to give you access.

The end result is almost identical to what you have if you are set a WordPress site live on the web. You can startup the BitNami WordPress stack in multiples ways.

You can goto Start > All Programs > chose BitNami WordPress stack > Launch BitNami WordPress stack. From here you can click access BitNami WordPress Stack. Buts that's kind of clunky because instead you can also goes to your browser and write localhost/wordpress and hit enter. It take you to the required localhost WordPress database.

This is the standard installation of WordPress in a localhost server. If you want to enter the admin panel of your WordPress localhost server then open your web browser and type localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/ and click enter. Here you get the log in window, logged in your account.

This is your WordPress virtual site dashboard that runs on Localhost server on your PC. Here you have all functionality that you get on live Wordpress site based on self hosted server.


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