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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How to Post Formatting in Wordpress

To make your text content as legible appreciable and possible its important to layout properly. This means applying proper text formatting to your content. To make it as easier and possible WordPress comes with tons of tools to precise this purpose. In fact working with text in WordPress is not all that to similar from working with text word processing and application.

That's said all text formatting should be done within WordPress. To work with text formatting you need some text like content of your post. If you don't have any text to work already there are dummy text in the exercise file or you can use the random word generator to create some dummy text. 

Lets make a new Post click on the New Post button, now give the Post Title and write some text in post content area. There are already many buttons to customize your text but a very important buttons are hidden.
These buttons will available when you click Kitchen sink Button

The Good thing is once you click the Kitchen Sink button and make changes and closed the window the Kitchen Sinks will always appears and you not always required to click this option.

Different Text Formatting option in WordPress

As you see in the above image that you have many options like Paragraph Text, Different Headings like h1, h2, h3, inline text option, Bold and Italic option, Navigate text options, bullet option and quote button. You can use all these buttons to customize your post. You can simply highlight the text with your Mouse click and just simply hit the button of your requirement.

You can use different text style and size by using Paragraph Button.

You can also use HTML tab to add html codes in your image. You can also add links and hypertext by using Insert/edit link and the shortcode for this is Alt + Shift + A.

Preview and Publish your Post after editing

You can also preview your post by clicking Preview button to check how your post look like live on web. You can also use Save Draft button to save your post. The big advanced of using WordPress is it can automatically underline mistake words and phrases so you can easily edit it and correct them.

You can also use different colors in your post by using color box. You also have a character map to use different default character list to use inside your post. You can add custom characters.

There are also Undo, Redo and help button. When everything done according to your desire click Publish Button. Once you know all text formatting functions in WordPress there are that all that different once found in word processing application. Formatting your text properly it is easier to read and approachable for the reader visiting your site. It also makes your content easier to find and index and in searches.


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