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Friday, 22 March 2013

Protect Page Rank Leakage by Implementing 404 Redirection

404 redirection
Protecting a site's page rank is an important factor to look after as it takes much hard work to build up a sites reputation in front of search engines as well as the visitors.

What is Page Ranking?

If you are unaware of what page rank is, to be simple it is a number assigned out of scale of 10 to every website by Google search engine. Every site has a different page rank depending upon a great number of factors such as quality of content, back links count, popularity, traffic, social media popularity and so. There are surely ways to increase page rank efficiently.

Preventing Page Rank Leakage 

Page rank also referred as link juice is the reason we use the word leakage. For example "Site A" has a page rank of 4 and it has given a back link to two other sites "Site B" and "Site C", then according to the simple law of page rank distribution, "Site A" will pass link juice to "Site B" and "Site C" with 2 Page rank each. The page ranking system is important because it keeps the internet alive as page rank passes from one site to another, therefore the crawlers get to know more pages on the web and they download them, add them to their database and then show them up on search engine result pages corresponding to the query a user typed, resulting in people getting the information they were searching for in the search engines.

The whole concept is that page rankings of websites are very important therefore if a site encounters 404 errors, that will cause the loss in PR which has to be protected. That is where 404 redirection comes in.
In wordpress, 404 pages can easily be redirected to homepage to prevent link juice flowing to pages that do not exist with the help of various plugins.

404 redirection wordpress plugin 

404 redirection plugin handles all the queries that lead to 404 error pages and redirects them to the homepage of a site. Plugin is just needed to be installed and activated and it will take care of the rest. There is another way to handle 404 re-directions that is via apache but this would just work fine for any wordpress site.

After the implementation of 404 redirection, bots will come to know about it too and will gradually de-index the pages that no longer exist, also the page rank will be kept under protection.


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