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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Adding Wordpress Favicon

worpress favicon
Favicon is a small icon that is displayed beside the title of a site on the browser. It is important for a site to have a unique favicon just for the sake of unique identity of its own. For instance, you might have noticed a small google icon on your browser if you go to or you might see a small youtube icon on your browser by visiting Similarly different sites have these different small identity icons.

Here are how Favicons Look Like


Setting Favicon in Wordpress

Favicons in wordpress can be integrated in a couple of ways. The easiest way to integrate is via plugin. The plugin used for this purpose is named All in One Favicon. First of all you need to log in the admin panel of your wordpress site and go to Plugins > Add New then search for the plugin "All in One Favicon", and then activate it after installation. 

Next go to Settings > All in One Favicon. This plugin supports a number of favicon formats such as ICO, GIF or PNG. 

Now you need to create your own unique favicon. You can create favicon instantly by using HTML Kit Favicon Genrator tool. 

Upload the image for which you want the favicon to be created and click on Generate Favicon.ico. HTML  kit favicon generator will generate a link from where you can download the generated favicon icon.

Lastly you need to upload the favicon that you just created to the plugin and click on Save Settings.

All in One favicon will integrate the code into head section of your wordpress theme by itself and you will be able to see your own favicon when you will open up your site.

Now that you have your favicon integrated into wordpress site, it can be viewed on different browsers.

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  1. and this one i find vert intersting and usefull also for me.. fevicon give a name to my web,, thanz for shharing


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